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    Heart to Heart Nail art

    Heart to Heart Nail art

    Every day is a day to celebrate love! There is no restriction to celebrating and spreading the love at any day. But yes, Valentine's and occasions like birthdays, dates and anniversaries are the special days to say what your heart has got in it. Wearing a special dress and preparing a hearty meal might not be enough to pull off a killer look for your loved one. A heart to heart nail art may help you complete your overall look! Check out the steps for a sassy heart to heart nail design:

    Full Heart to Heart Nail Art:

    This lovely heart design is meant to get you a peck or two on your beautiful hands for sure. It is a perfect fit for a wedding anniversary celebration! 


    1.       Paint your nails with a clear base coat first so that the nail polish sticks to your nails for a longer time period without damaging them.
    2.       Select a light and a dark color combination. Here, a combination of white and red is used.
    3.       Paint all your nails with red nail polish.
    4.       Take a striper brush and draw a small “V” in the center of each nail. Then paint a “3” right on top (like <3). Fill the shape in with white nail color.
    5.       Make two small hearts at the side of the hearts on each nail.
    6.       Draw a hanging line (like a string of balloons) coming from each heart. (refer to picture).
    7.       Finish the nail art with a top coat.

    Everybody gives chocolates and numerous costly gift items to their loved ones on special days. This time do something entirely different! Fill in your nails with this heart to heart nail art and show your loved ones how much you love them. They’d surely feel loved and special inside.

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