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    Gold Glittery Accent Nail

    Gold Glittery Accent Nail

    Most of the young adults crave for an ultimate snazzy attire. To get into that a couple of trendy dresses and sassy footwear are picked. But the look is incomplete without the nails being shined and polished. For the ones who are indeed fond of trend-setting activities then giving a try to gold glitter, accent nail art would be a great opportunity for them. Limiting yourself is not what you do if you are someone who loves to keep their nail updated. And gold glittery accent nail art is a design that truly crosses the manicured boundaries because it has glitter, sequins, two colors and a matte finish!

    Full Gold Glittery Nail Art:

    Just like any other nail art, you are allowed to make changes in the color combinations. Glitter nails are a perfect choice for all sorts of parties and night outs. Your hands would look absolutely hot!


    1.       Apply a base coat on your fingernails.
    2.       Select colors that would go with glittery nail colors. Dark colors paired with shimmery colors gives a spiffy flashy look. So here matte dark purple and blue are used with gold glitter nail polish.
    3.       On your index and small fingernail, apply matte dark blue nail color.
    4.       On your thumb and middle fingernail, apply matte dark purple nail color.
    5.       If single doesn’t look that good, then apply a second coat too.
    6.       Finally, for the accent nails, apply two coats of gold glitter nail polish on the ring fingernail.
    7.       Apply a top coat on the ring fingernail.
    8.       In case you aren’t using matte nail color then don’t forget to apply top coat on each fingernail.

    Other than this color combination, try red and black with silver. Did you like this stunning party-look-oriented glittery nail art? Do give it a try, it’s too easy!


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