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    Gingerbread Man Nails

    Gingerbread Man Nails

    The designs for the nail art are getting more and more interesting and dinky day by day. You must have listened to the stories of a little gingerbread man who didn’t want to be eaten and escaped. Well, how about you give it a nice temporary home? If you’re wondering where would be that then here’s the trendiest idea; a recreation of a gingerbread man on the nails! Food is always on the mind, so for the times when you’re short on ingredients why not opt for doing gingerbread man nail art? Check out the guide below on how to do gingerbread man nail art:

     Full Gingerbread Man Nail Art:

    It’s up to you which shade of brown you wish to use. It should be somewhere between dark brown and medium brown.


    1.       Begin your gingerbread man nail art by applying a base coat.
    2.       Here, a neutral chocolaty brown nail color is used. Apply the brown nail color of your choice on all your fingernails. (two coats)
    3.       Once dried, with the help of dotting tool paint three dots (inspired from buttons) in the center of each fingernail except the ring fingernail using red nail color.
    4.       Now paint tiny bow ties with suitable green nail color at the beginning of each fingernail leaving the ring fingernail as it is.
    5.       Paint two dots and a smile (like two eyes and smile of gingerbread man) on the ring fingernail with white nail color.
    6.       Use the white nail color to paint white background such that it appears as the face and upper body of the gingerbread man. (refer to the picture)
    7.       If you want your gingerbread man nail art to last longer than apply a top coat on the nails at the end.

    You can be extra creative while doing this nail art, you can try making a complete cute tiny gingerbread man on ring fingernail. Feel free to experiment!

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