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    Elegant snowflake nails

    Elegant snowflake nails

    Bored of all the glimmery, shimmery, and glittery snowflake nail art? Then you might like to try something more finesse and neat. The extras and sparkles don’t always add up to the special effect. Sometimes simple nail art gets to your heart.  Elegant snowflake nail art is probably the most stunning snowflake design of all. Check out the steps below and relish an elegant snowflake nail art at home!

    Full Elegant Snowflake Nail Art

    Elegant snowflake nails might be the easiest and quickest to do in winters. It hardly takes 5 minutes. Nude nail colors give a sweet touch to the nails, depicting elegance and opulence. You only have to worry about drying time and nothing else.


    1.       Select an elegant base color like over here ‘nude’ is used.
    2.       Paint your nails with the nude nail color. Apply two coats for a more professional finish.
    3.       Once it's completely dried, you can start with the art of designing elegant snowflakes on the nails.
    4.       Use a striper brush to design the snowflakes a silver or white nail color.
    5.       Add 1 or 2 dots (as per your wish) on the nail. Now paint five lines coming from the dots.
    6.       Paint two sets of angled lines (like arrowheads facing the dot in the middle) on each of the five lines.
    7.       You can put up dots in empty spaces if you wish to.
    8.       For a glossier finish, apply a top coat and cuticle oil once dried.

    If you haven’t done the elegant snowflake nail art before, then you got to try it this once. Practice will lead you to perfection. You can always use nail colors of your choice. But make sure the two you choose are different in tones; one is darker and one is lighter. Get your nails a snowy feel!


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