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    Dotty French Spring Nails

    Dotty French Spring Nails

    Be it summer or winter who doesn’t love to talk about spring. Saying about spring dotty french spring nails are the latest sensation. Women are obsessed with their hands, which gives them a reason to look out for exceptionally innovative nail art designs. Moreover, if you’re someone who loves to celebrate the changes in the seasons then you won’t be able to keep yourself away from trying out dotty french spring nail art. Instead of going to a nearby saloon and wasting your time and money, you can check out the step-to-step guide below and get your nails with dotty french spring design.

    Full Dotty French Spring Nails

    Spring is the most colorful season of all and there’s no point in celebrating spring season without a splash of colors! You’ll need five different nail colors to flaunt off your colorful nails. This design requires minimum effort and only five minutes.


    1.       Apply the base coat on your nails.
    2.       Since it is specifically a spring inspired dotty french nail art, white nail color is used to start the art with.
    3.       Paint your nails with white nail color. Make sure you don’t forget to apply a second coat.
    4.       Using a dotting tool, make dots on your nails with the pink, icy blue, mauve, lemon green, yellow nail colors on your thumb, index, middle, ring, small fingernails respectively.
    5.       Paint a French tip to each nail with the same nail color used for the dots on that nail.
    6.       Apply top-coat in the end.

    Simple yet cool, this is a wonderful improvised version of polka dot nail art and French manicure that gives a vibrant addition to your nails in spring. Grab the nail colors and start doing it, be an artist!




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