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    Dotted French

    Dotted French

    Getting late for a day out with friends and thinking about what to do with the nails at the eleventh hour- this is a situation you get stuck into a lot of times. Make yourself feel at home because you’re about to discover an easy last minute nail art design. Dotted French is the new french manicure these days. It’s a mixture of polka dot design and traditional French manicure. This one’s so basic yet fancy that almost every teenager and adult would love to get their nails done in dotted french. You can wear this nail art to your friend’s birthday, a backyard party or even to a shopping spree with your best friends. Following are steps noted down for an eye-catching dotted french nail art, suitable for every occasion.

    Full Dotted French Nail Art:

    It’s ideal to choose neon colors for a dotted French nail art. It’d only take you 5 minutes, and if you have to rush out immediately then you can even do it while sitting in your car (but only if you’re not driving!).


    1.       Start off with the application of clear base coat on the nails.
    2.       Choose a classy color combination, like that of bright red and dark blue.
    3.       Paint your nails with red nail color.
    4.       Once it dried up, now you have to give it a dotted french nail art look.
    5.       Instead of creating a traditional French tip, you’ll create a dotted french tip.
    6.       Make use of large dotting tool to draw dots on the tip of the nail in a straight row with blue nail color.
    7.       For another row of smaller dots right above the already created dotted row, use a small dotting tool.
    8.       Complete the dotted French nail art with top coat on each fingernail.

     In a hurry and can’t find a dotting tool? Pick up a bobby pin, toothpick or a needle; whatever is handy. Do give this dotty nail art a try!


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