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    Disney Nail Art

    Disney Nail Art

    Every year thousands of people make their way to Disneyland. And these people aren’t only the kids and babies, but also the grownups enjoy the fascinating sights. Won’t you like to flaunt off your dashing Disney nails in front of all the visitors? Even if you are unable to fly to Disneyland this year, you have the disney feel at home by doing a Disney nail art!  If you’re a true disney devotee then you’ll love to try this superb disney nail art.

    Full Disney Nail Art:

    There is no end to creativity when it comes to disney nail art designs. From disney princess to the world famous mickey mouse, you can draw anything and everything. This design is based on mickey mouse theme. You can use pink, red and black combination too.


    1.       The Clear base coat is what you’ve to apply first on your nails.
    2.       Choose a light base nail color; baby pink, sky blue or solid white. Here, white nail color is used.
    3.       Now make two mickey mouse faces on each fingernail with the help of three black dots (one for face, two for ears). (refer to picture)
    4.       Use a large and small dotting tool to make dots on the nails with sky blue nail color.
    5.       Give a professional look by applying a top coat at the end.

    These disney inspired nail arts are so cute that even adults can have their nails this way. Try the disney designs at home, you can find plenty of them to mimic. When you can live in a magical world of fairies at night then why not treat your nails in a magical manner too. Go ahead and create a disney design!

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