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    Cute pink nails

    Cute pink nails

    The latest color phenomenon that has taken over all the nail artists is “pink is the new black”. Be it summer, winter or spring pink always has its followers. From clothes to the home furnishing pink has its roots everywhere. And so, the hip world of nail art is full of a wide variety of pink nail art. Creating pink nail arts is no less than a challenge but with the availability of dozens of pink hues, designing a masterpiece is not an actual problem anymore.

    Full Cute Pink Nail Art:

    The stripes, polkas, and accent nails are too common. It’s time to try out something new and really cute. The following step-by-step guide is the key to flaunt off the coolest pink nail art. STEPS:

    1.       The very first step you have to take is to apply a base coat on each fingernail.
    2.       You can choose any pink hue that pleases you the most. Over here matte dark pink nail polish is used.
    3.       Paint your nails with the pink nail color.
    4.       If you feel that a single coat isn’t enough, then go for a second coat.
    5.       Now dip a thin striper brush in white nail color and draw the body of tiny strawberry at the corner of the nail tip.
    6.       Paint in five small dots in rows inside the shape. (refer to the picture)
    7.       Make color-filled star shape with white nail color to finish the look of strawberry.
    8.       Though the nail polish used is matte, but if you’re using the normal one then end the nail art by applying a top coat once you’re done painting cute strawberries.

    Feel free to use a regular nail polish and a different shade of pink. There’s absolutely no hard and fast rule. You certainly won’t regret giving your nails a cute fruity pink nail art!


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