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    Chrome tips nail art

    Chrome tips nail art

    How many times in a year do you do a French tip nail art? Almost a hundred times, right? Quite a number of you must be bored of the same white colored tips. But don’t you worry, there’s another glamorous thing that you can do with your nail tips! Say hello to the latest sensation in the nail art world, the chrome tips. The metallic chrome nail polish not only looks beautiful with regular nail polish but also looks sexy when matched with a matte nail polish. You just have to blend it with a catchy nail color to create a classic dramatic nail look. Your chrome tip nails will the spotlight for the gawkers in the room! Read on to find the guidelines: 

    Full Chrome Tips Nail Art

    If you’re a master at French nail tips then doing a chrome tip nail art with a metallic chrome nail paint isn’t going to be a problem for you at all. You’ll enjoy using the chrome nail color for a change.


    1.      Firstly, apply a clear base coat on each fingernail.

    2.      Select a random color you would like to match with chrome color. In this tutorial, bright blue color is used.

    3.      Wait for the next move until the blue nail color dries.

    4.      Now you have to paint the chrome tips on nails with freehand.

    5.      Make sure you carefully paint the tip of the nails with chrome nail paint just like it is done in a french manicure.

    6.      Don’t forget to apply a top-coat at the end.

    This is an amazing sassy nail art, which appears to speak of the attitude of a classy girl. You can create half moon tips, or thin tips (stripe like). How you use the chrome nail color on the nail tips is completely up to you. All you needed was an inspiration!

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