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    Lace nail design

    Lace nail design

    With all sorts of nail art designs making their way to your heart, something inspired from lace would be a nice option too. Most of the decent lined up dresses are embellished with laces and frills. Giving the same touch to your nails is what this step-to-step guide will tell you about. Lace nail design is the newest pattern that you can get on your nails before going on a dinner date or a night occasion wearing a beautiful lacy gown or your favorite LBD. It’s the best nail art to do especially if your nails are short.

    Full Lace Nail Art Design

    Haven’t you heard that black is the color of confidence and femininity? Not just that, it adds up grace to your overall look. No doubt, this is a little tricky nail art but you can try out the lace patterns on a piece of paper before making a free-hand lace design on your nails. Work with the brushes slowly and gradually.


    1.       Get your nails done with the base coat first.
    2.       Choose a color you wish to apply. Here, black nail color is used for the design.
    3.       Apply black nail polish on your thumb, index and small finger, leaving the middle and ring finger for the lace designing.
    4.       Make an outline of your middle and ring fingernails using a striper brush with black nail color.
    5.       You can surf the internet to find a pretty lace design and then take inspiration from it to paint a lace design on the middle and ring fingernail using a detailing brush.
    6.       To add a touch of glamour, put up a rhinestone on the black plain nails.
    7.       Finish the nail art with a top coat.

    Lace nail design and that too in black, you can pull off an amazing look of a graceful mysterious woman. Show your friends and family how creative you are, stay charming!

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