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    Marble manicure

    Marble manicure

    Shopping for home furniture with your best friends means you come across a uncountable number of patterns that you feel like wearing or mimicking on your nails. How about a marble coffee table, that too in white? You may have heard that recreating marble nail art is tricky and requires tools other than a striper brush and dotting tool. But that isn’t much of an issue! Read the following tutorial and your marble manicure session will go great:

    Full Marble Manicure Nail Art:

    It’s suggested using gray, white and black colors only because they look the best when it comes to marble patterns on nails.


    1.       Apply a clear base coat on the nails at first.
    2.       Because it’s a marble manicure, you ought to use gray hues. For this design choose gray nail colors (one light and one dark)         and two white nail colors (one sheer and one off whitish).
    3.       Apply white nail polish on your nail.
    4.       Apply a second coat of white nail polish on your nails. While it dries, look for a saran-wrap.
    5.       Apply off white and light gray nail polish on saran wrap.
    6.       Now smut off excess nail polish on a blank piece of paper.
    7.       Now blot the nail polish on your nails. Keep blotting gently till you obtain the marble look you desire for.
    8.       Fill normal water (neither hot nor cold) in a bowl, drop in a 3-4 drop of dark gray nail color in it.
    9.       Spray a hairspray twice into the dark gray polish water. (it’d turn into vein like patterns)
    10.       One by one dip your fingernail in the bowl. Hold it in for 20 seconds and then remove.
    11.       Clean your skin and nail sides with small brush and acetone.
    12.       Paint sheer white nail polish on the fresh dark gray patterns.
    13.       You must apply a top coat at the end.

    Did you realize you’ve just learned how to create marble nails like a pro? Way to go girls!

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