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    Nail art tape

    Nail art tape

    Apart from scotch tapes, masking tapes and paper tapes, who would have thought that one day there’d be some sort of nail tape to create an outstanding nail art design. Striping tape for nails is somewhat a simple tool that helps you paint intricate designs of straight lines. Drawing such designs with a free hand can be difficult at times, which is why striping tape is there to boost your confidence in your nail-painting skills. Find a step-to-step guide for a simple nail art tape design below:

    Full Nail Art Tape:

    Make sure you stick the striping tape properly on dried nails otherwise the line you’d paint later would appear messy.


    1.       Firstly, before doing anything else apply a clear base coat on all the nails.
    2.       Now time to apply base nail color to all the fingernails; paint the index fingernail with blue nail color, middle fingernail with tea pink nail color, small fingernail with gold glitter nail polish, and thumb and ring fingernail with white nail color.
    3.       Once you’re done coating your nails with base colors, take out striping nail art tape.
    4.       Mark parallel lines on your nails and apply nail colors you’ve used on your other nails (blue, tea pink, gold glitter) between the strips. It's up to you where you wish to apply it. (refer to the picture)
    5.       Wait for the nail paint to dry. Then remove the nail strips to unveil the beautiful parallel lines nail art created with nail tape.
    6.       A top-coat for this one isn’t essential, it may ruin the effect of texture. But you can apply if you feel the necessity to.

    Do wait for the nail polish to completely dry before peeling off the tape strips. The most amazing part of nail tape art is that you get to use three or four colors altogether that gives a nice colorful look.  Moreover, instead of simply creating a vertical stripes design you can make various horizontal, cross and V-shaped designs with nail art tape. Be innovative!

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