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    Nautical manicure

    Nautical manicure

    Water, beach, ships is all that one thinks of in summers. Sailing on a coast far far away and drinking coconut juice is probably what you usually think of. But how can you ignore fashion if you’re planning to board a yacht? If you think you got some guts to be the captain of the ship and get your hands on the anchor then why not pump up your fashion details too and give your nails a nautical manicure?

    Full Nautical Manicure:

    There’s no hard and fast rule for the colors in a nautical manicure. However, blue is always chosen by most because it’s the marine we’re talking about.


    1.      Fearing that the manicure might come off too soon, start it with a base coat.

    2.      While the base coat dries, choose the nail colors you’d like to use. In this tutorial, blue, red and white are used.

    3.      After the clear base coat dries, apply two coats of creamy white nail polish on your nails.

    4.      Leaving the ring fingernail as it is, paints three or four angled lines (similar to stripes) at the corner of the other nails with bright blue nail color using striper brush. (refer to the picture)

    5.      Now to draw a cute anchor on the fingernail, use striper brush.

    6.      Paint a cross first, then paint a half-circle at its bottom.

    7.      Draw tips of an arrow at the ends of half-circle to finish the bottom look of the anchor.

    8.      Use your dotting tool to paint a small red dot on the anchor’s top. Then paint another dot with white nail color inside the red dot to make it look like a ‘hole’.

    9.      Complete your manicure by applying top coat at the very end.

    A top coat for this nautical design is essential to seal it a glossy finish or you’ll end up damaging the tips of the cute anchor. This kind of nautical nail art is probably the simplest and easiest one to make and surely the best one that complements the summer beach edition in a classy manner. So let the sailors see what you got!



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