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    Penguin Accent Nail Art

    Penguin Accent Nail Art

    Nail art gets all the more exciting when you hear of creating cute little penguins. If not the boring nail color application, the penguin accent nail art seems to give you wintry and fun vibes. So what’s the wait for? Don’t miss out on these simple steps to help you dress up your nails in a friendly penguin.

    Full Penguin Accent Nail Art:

    The black and white body of the penguin looks more striking than ever if contrasted with pastels. The softer is the base, the more adsorbs the penguin accent nail art looks.


    1.       Choose a base color you want to apply on your nails. Over here, a winter scape hue is used; soft aqua.
    2.       Apply a second coat on the nails (after the first coat dries up) leaving the nail you wish to create Penguin on.
    3.       Paint the body of penguin in U-shape, leaving a little aqua background with opaque black nail polish on the nail.
    4.       Then use a nail art brush to paint the stomach of the penguin in a smaller U-shape with white nail color.
    5.       Use a dotting-tool to put up Penguin's two eyes with white nail paint first and then add two small dots with black nail paint within the two white dots to complete its eyes.
    6.       With the help of a striper brush, draw the cute beak and two tiny heart-shaped feet with your most favorite orange nail color.
    7.       You can always add small dots on your other nails with white nail color to add the touch of snow.
    8.       Apply a glossy  top-coat and finish the look.

    Did you find this hard to replicate anyhow? It may look complex but it’s very easy and requires minimum effort. All you need is an icy blue or any other wintry color, and a couple of nail art brushes. Black, white and orange nail colors must be somewhere in your closet waiting for you to pick them up and paint an adorable penguin!

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