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    How to build an aeroponics system

    How to build an aeroponics system

    Aeroponics is a very simple way to grow herbs and veggies. Commercial aeroponics are fairly expensive, this encouraged people in building their own aeroponics.

    Commercial systems usually have calibrated pumps that are supplied to the plants between feeding times. Hence, we could say, the feed times are programmable.

    Building your own aeroponics requires petty materials such as:


    • On/off regulator
    • Gallon Tote with Lid
    • Threaded bulkhead fitting with gasket
    • Threaded connectors
    • PVC connectors
    • Misting spray nozzles
    • Poly tube extenders
    • Clear tubing and angle connectors
    • Black flexi-tubing
    • Hose clamp
    • Flexi-tubing shut off valve
    • Net pots
    • Fountain Pump
    • Container of 100% Silicon Caulking
    • Indoor/Outdoor Electrical Timer


    • Caulking Gun
    • Saw
    • PVC Primer and Glue
    • Hole Saw
    • Drill
    • Teflon Tape
    • Measuring tape
    • Safety Glasses
    • Utility knife

    This suggestion is streamlined, and the outcomes are primitive; however, if this works out well you can build a better and bigger one later on.

    The water and nutrients will be carried by 1/2" poly tubing. You will also need a few poly connectors, obviously. Some poly tube extenders will also be employed to mist the roots higher.

    Only use host fittings that can be attached to the pump. Carefully cut your holes for your net pots using an Exacto knife instead of the hole saw and drill. Ask for net pots as well as 12” of tubing and angle connectors. Use the net pots in the enclosed tank you’ve created to enable you to utilize the aeroponics system to from your plants.

    Use the PVC glue and primer to connect the PVC pieces to their respective PVC elbow connectors.

    Place the PVC sprinkler unit inside the tote. A fountain pump will enable you to rotate the water and nutrients into a constant supply of the water and nutrients if you wish. Connect the fountain pump with the 1/2" flexi-tubing to the PVC unit. Make sure there are no curves in the tubing. The pump is placed on the net pot holes. Ensure that your fountain pump fits easily through the hole.

    Insert the net pots with foam lids. Using a large heavy-duty plastic container, drill 2” holes in the lid space. Avoid drilling through the plastic ribbing that serves as the strength source of the container.

    Misting spray nozzles will carry out misting on your plants. By running the misting spray nozzles, each plant’s root will be surrounded with water and nutrients. You can set your times to a cycle of 40 minutes on and 40 minutes off. Just fill with water to just below the sprinkler heads. Don’t worry about wasting water or nutrients, any runoff surrounding the lid will return back into the plant.

    This conventional method is quickly becoming the most preferred method of building aeroponics. This is mainly because your water remains intact as long as its quality stays clean. More so, you don’t need additional nutrients to your water.

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