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    How to make an aquaponics pond system

    How to make an aquaponics pond system

    Aquaponics is the combination of fish breeding and vegetation together, using nutrients from fish compost for the plants. Before you start working on an aquaponics pond system, you need to have some basic knowledge about it.

    In this article, we will be discussing the components and steps involved in making an aquaponics system.


    • A double outlet air pump
    • A pond bin – 250 Liter
    • Some roof tiles and bricks
    • A 1000 L/ph pond pump
    • A grow tub – 150 Liter
    • A garden hose
    • A bird wire
    • Some tomato plants
    • Gravel
    • An extension cable
    • A surge protector or a digital timer
    • Fishes


    1.      Digging

    Digging is the first step in the process; it involves digging a small hole (below ground level) for your fish tub to achieve a desired water temperature. Ensure that you provide a shade to prevent evaporation.

    1.      Grow Bed

    Obviously, fish water will be pumped in your grow bed. The grow bed where the plant is bred; it is usually 300mm long and must be firmly positioned above or alongside the container. The surface area of the bed ought to be tiny rocks and should be placed prior to the seeds. Cucumber, green spinach, lettuce, tomato, and other green leafy vegetables are examples of plants to be used.

    Note: the grow beds need holes to ensure that water can strain back towards the aquarium with ease.

    1.      Pump Motor

    There are two types of pump; an air pump and a pond pump motor. After deciding on the fish’s location, a waterproof cable is used to connect the pump to an electric outlet.

    1.      Time For An Electronic Digital Timer

    An electronic digital timer will help you control the turning on/off of the pump, and also schedule your pump motor’s activity. The timing is dependent upon how long it will take for water to fill your grow bed.

    After supplying water to the bed, you can now perform series of test to see if the water is circulating and flowing. If everything is working perfectly, you can now add the fish into your fish tub.

    1.      Gravel

    As of now, the water flow may be too fast and so needs to be minimized. Adding gravel can be an ideal solution to an increased water flow. Add more gravel gradually to your grow bed before dropping some seeds. This time you sit tight for germination to occur because seed grown will require a little bit of patient.

    1.      Monitor PH Level and Water Temperature

    Monitoring the water temperature and PH level will ensure that your fish and plant are bred in optimum conditions.

    Feeding is likewise important; it is recommended that you feed your fish with potassium bicarbonate and calcium bicarbonate in the right amount.

    Fishes that are perfect for the aquaponic system are jade perch, silver precious perch, goldfish, jade, barramundi, and ornamental bass.

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