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    Sparkly Manicure

    Sparkly Manicure

    There’s no limit to the liveliness you feel observing the disco lights, isn’t it true? When you can add all the glamorous sparkly sequins and glittery laces to your dresses then why not have your nails equally bright? Entirely different from a typical French manicure, a sparkly manicure is all your fingernails would need! A basic yet glistening sparkly manicure is a perfect pick for making a statement at the wedding and for the brides themselves. Read on to find out how can you get your nails done with the enchanting sparkly manicure.

    Full Sparkly Manicure:

    If you’re a bridesmaid then make sure you match the nail color with the color of your dress. Since this nail art is wedding-look exclusive a very mellow hue is used that appears almost nude so that it goes with the pure white wedding dress of the bride.


    1.       Start your glittery manicure with the application of base coat.
    2.       While the base coat dries up, choose a soft hue like that of classic sheer pink.
    3.       Apply sheer pink color on your fingernails and wait for it to dry.
    4.       Once it dries, paint a french tip with the gorgeous gold glitter nail polish but no need to be careful of the neat straight tip.
    5.       The more it looks like someone dusted the tip of nails with sparkles, the better your nails would appear.
    6.       Finish the sparkly manicure with a top coat.

    You can pick the gold, silver or dust gold colors in sequin glitter nail polish, it’s completely up to you.  Once you’ll be done you would see how the sparkly manicure nails complement the overall wedding look. From the decency of faint hue to the stunningness of glitzy nail polish, there’s all the gorgeousness enveloped in nails.

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