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    Space Nails

    Space Nails

    Are you a regular nail art trend follower? The trendiest design nowadays is of space nail art. Space here is about the ‘leaving colorless space in nails’, and not about the galaxy and milky way nail art. It sounds interesting, no? There is so much you could create a space nail art. You can paint a single dot, or punctuation marks on each nail and say there it is a perfect space nail art. This nail art is not about filling in too many colors or twisting and turning the nail art brushed to make intricate designs. It’s the simplest nail art one could ever think of! Check out the steps below:

    Full Space Nail Art:

    This a geometrical shape inspired space nail design. Just like a triangle made of this one, a horizontal rectangle, octagons, hexagons, and squares can be painted too. It’s all up to your brain’s mind boggling ideas!


    1.       Start your space nail art by applying a clear base coat on your nails. It’s a space nail art of course but still need a glossy finish on your colorless nails otherwise.
    2.       Whatever nail color you choose to use, it’d look good. A navy blue nail color is used in this nail art.
    3.       With navy blue nail polish make small triangle shapes on the nail tips such that one corner of triangle points towards the nail cuticle. You can start by making a “V” first and then fill it in. (refer to picture)
    4.       For an outline make use of stripper/thin nail art brush with shimmery gold nail color.
    5.       Apply a top coat at the end and you’re all done.

    No doubt, the color combination of blue and gold nail art looks absolutely stunning. It's an ideal nail art for the ones who adore simplicity and decency. What do you think of it?


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