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    Sweater inspired nail art

    Sweater inspired nail art

    What can be cuter than a sweater inspired nail art! Imagine you’re wearing a maroon knitted sweater and your nails looks just the same as your the very woollen thing you’re wearing, wouldn’t that be cool? Enough of the festive, Dotty and animal face designs. It’s time to try out something more creative like the patterns of a knitted sweater. Read on to find the simple steps on how to recreate sweater-inspired pattern on nails!

    Full sweater inspired nail art

    This nail art activity can be made more interesting if you match the nail colors with your most favorite cable-knit sweater. The design itself appears to be very detailed and convoluted but once you start making it with the help of the steps provided, there’d be no fear of messing it up.


    1. Select a dark color for the base and a light one for painting the sweater-inspired design. Here, cocoa (chocolate creme) nail color is used.

    2. Apply two coats of cocoa nail color on the nails and let them dry.

    3. Right in the center of your index and ring finger nail, draw tiny "x's" in a column with white nail color. Use striper brush for that.

    4. Put a straight vertical line on the sides of the "x's" column and dashes with space on the sides of your nail.

    5. Right in the center of your thumb, middle finger and small finger nail, paint a wavy line.

    6. Intersect the first drawn wavy line by painting another wavy line to create a nice chain that resembles knits.

    7. Put a straight vertical line on the sides of the 'chain' and dashes on one side and crosses (x) on the other side.

    8. Don't forget to apply top-coat at the very end after the sweater-inspired nail art dries up.

    It is not at all a hard job to do if you’re thinking like that! On a cold winter day, nothing would be better than cozying up to get your nails done with a lovely sweater-inspired nail art. Once you’ll be done, it’s going to pass on warm vibes to you just like your favorite cable knit sweater.

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