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    How To Avoid Infection From Pedicure

    How To Avoid Infection From Pedicure

    Most of the ladies love to visit the salon frequently; especially when it comes to the pedicure process, they mark their calendar in advance for the next visit. Obviously, who doesn't want to enjoy the heated massage experience sitting on a big comfy chair that too with the closed eyes? With the advancement in the beautification industry, salons nowadays try to make their customer experience as the awesome one by providing next level comfort and the hygienic environment. Though professionals make good care to cut down the scope of infections, self-care is always essential, and as a customer, one has all the rights to know about the things that directly or indirectly may produce the adverse health effects. Even a little ignorance can lead the way of viruses and infections that may pass through via tools, air, and even the soaking tub.

    So, are you the one who had noted out some infections after your last salon visit? In many of the cases, ladies often ignore the fact their pedicure may be one of the reasons for the spread of infections and allergies; instead, they take their suffering as the natural one and remain unknown with the actual cause. Precaution is always better than the cure; hence in this article, we are going to share some of the points which will help you to avoid infections when taking the pedicure.

    •         Check for the Tools

    Repetition of the tools may be one of the reasons to spread the growth of fungus, viruses, and bacteria. Ask your nail techie for the cleaning of the tools and the precautions they take to cut the way for infections. A hospital grade sanitizer is always recommended to soak the tools for a specified period to get rid of the bacteria. An autoclave can also do the part, but due to its high cost, it's less popular between the salons. Most of the professional salons these days prefer the use of disposable tools which they use and throw between the clients. For better control in this, you can ask your nail techie to tear out the packaging in front of you.

    •         Check for the Soaking Tub

    It's a mind-blowing experience to soak the legs in the warm water and enjoy the nail techie rubbing the ankles and the toes. But have you ever imagined, if not cleaned properly, this soaking water can be a pool for various bacteria and infections? Ask your nail techie how frequently they wash the tubs and what measure they take to disinfect the base/walls. If on the grounds of doubt, you can also ask for the cleaning logs and check them with the salon owner. Don't hesitate, it’s something related to your safety and believe us, it's completely okay.

    •         Avoid Shaving your Legs

    Always try to keep a gap of at least two days before planning the pedicure. Some ladies shave their legs just before going to the salon and think they will get an extra smooth result by doing so. It is completely wrong; shaving makes the pores prominent and produces some light rashes which we can't see with the normal eyes. Infections use these pores and the rashes to enter inside your body, and the further story, you know very well. You may feel redness, irritation or even the allergy for which you will need to consult the doctor and would follow proper medications.

    •         The Pumice Stone

    Majority of the ladies usually make a mistake at this point. They check for the tools, the soaking tub and the other things to satisfy their mind but forget about the pumice stone, the repetition of which is a complete NO. As this stone is porous, it acts as headquarter for the bacteria, infections which just see their way to attack your body. The rubbing and cleaning experience with pumice is ultra-awesome, but you should never compromise your health against the 15 minutes of deadly exchange. Do remember to always ask for a new pumice stone and if possible, check the packaging tearing out in front.

    •         The Workstation Hygiene

    Obviously, you will not love to sit on a pile of junk where the remains from the previous jobs are evident. Cleanliness is godliness, and you should stick to that. In any case, if you find any unwanted thing or the unhygienic elements, simply ask for the cleaning. Also, check for the dustbins, they should be properly closed and not as wide open displaying the trash they hold inside them.

    •         Proper Ventilation

    Often people don't take it seriously and focus only on the other things. It is not a part of the pedicure process, but the absence of this can make you come across with many of the serious diseases and infections. The toxic fumes and dust from the chemical products have some adverse effects on health, and that's why proper ventilation and a good quality air purifier are always recommended for the salons. If you feel any suffocation and pungent smells surrounding the area, don't ignore and ask for the ventilation ducts and air purifier fitment. Remember, your simple query can alert the salon owner and safeguard the health of many.

    Considerably, now you must be having enough knowledge about the points that you need to ask and observe this time visiting for the pedicure session. So, surprise your nail techie in the next meeting and make her realize you are concerned about your health and know everything related. Enjoy the course and be safe and healthy!

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