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    Top 10 Health Benefits of Massage Chairs

    Top 10 Health Benefits of Massage Chairs

    Buying a massage chair? If you are, then know this isn’t a purchase you make often. Why? Because massage chairs are expensive. They cost anywhere from $700 to $10,000. You only buy them once every few years. And repairing them is a hassle. So you need a clear idea on the benefits you get from one. And we’ll help you out with that. We’ll list the top 10 health benefits of massage chairs!

    #1 – Posture Improvement.

    Got a problem with your spinal alignment? Most of us do. After all, we live in a “desk job society.” And we do that work anywhere from 4 to 8 hours a day… Add to that the lack of exercising in most of our lifestyles – and you have chronic posture issues.

    Problems to Fix.

    Maybe your back is bent inappropriately in some places. It could be your lower back bending in. Or, it could be your upper back hunching out. A massage chair fixes all that. Those chairs let you adjust their layouts for spinal realignment and better postures. Also, add to that the massage action of the chair. They further fix your posture by loosening your back, leg, and shoulder muscles. This added flexibility ensures that your muscles don’t tighten up, pulling you back to bad posture.

    #2 – Relieves Back Pain.

    massage chair helps reduce back pain

    We believe a massage chair is necessary for anyone with back pain. If you’re an old person, save some of your retirement money for one. We trust you’ll use this chair more often than your sofa! But if you have back pain from other problems (like an accident, pulling a muscle, etc.), then a chair can speed up your recovery.

    #3 – Added Muscle Flexibility.

    Without muscular flexibility. Your range of motion is restricted. So your muscles hurt more, and you can do less. And this matters to most of us – especially with a lifestyle involves intense muscular use. 


    You might be a labor worker (sports coach, a professional athlete, home contractor, etc.). Those lines of work involve lots of motions. And often, there’s stretching, carrying heavy objects, and just being in uncomfortable positions. Inflexible muscles make those lines of work hellish. It’s difficult to perform well when serious motions bring you pain.

    #4 - Relieves Muscle Soreness.

    massage chair relieves muscles soreness

    Maybe you work out intensively. There will be days when you return home with sore muscles. And sore muscles tend to be inflexible… So how do you recover faster? You do so by stretching and massaging. And a massage chair fixes helps with that. With improved recovery time you can work out more, and push your body to higher limits!

    Prevents Injuries.

    If you push yourself with sore muscles – your chances of injury go up. First, you don’t perform well. And second, your muscles might fail to sustain the pressure you place on them… And this may lead to sudden collapses that tear and injure your muscle. So use a massage chair. Recover faster from soreness so you can get back to performing again. 

    #5 – Better Blood Circulation.

    Few things in life improve blood flow. One is exercising. You do those enough, and your heart rate goes up. As a result, more blood gets delivered to your cells…And this leads to a nice energy boost. It’s one of the reasons why intense cardio leads to a “runner’s high” feeling. It’s what happens when you really get the blood flowing. 

    Mimic That With Massage Chairs.

    One of the problems with poor blood flow is malnourished cells. Some cells don’t get enough nutrients. So they die off faster (or worse) they can’t sustain activities that require intense energy.

    Massage Chairs Improve Blood Flow.

    massage chair improves blood flow

    Massage chairs are unlike normal chairs. A normal chair (or sofa) actually ruins blood flow. And that’s because blood is forced away from your brain, and down to your feet (by gravity). Also, your heart has to work harder to redeliver the blood all the way up. However, you can vertically align a massage chair to solve that issue. Not to mention, the chair’s massaging motions themselves increase flow.

    How So?

    The motions of those chairs are inspired from Shiatsu. This is a Japanese massage style that developed overtime on the groundwork of Chinese medicine. And it’s proved to work. So don’t be surprised when you feel like your chair gets the blood flowing!

     #6 – Better Lymphatic Circulation.

    The previous point discussed blood flow. Here, we’ll talk about the lymphatic system. This system is important. Because it’s a recycling mechanism for proteins, plasma, and white blood cells… Now, some people have poor lymphatic circulation. And this is common, since the system itself operates on low fluid pressure. So you need methods of increasing that circulation. And one of those is using a massage chair… 

    Problems You Can Avoid.

    First, you avoid a buildup of lymph in certain parts of your body. It can be anywhere, from your face, to your feet. But the point is, lymph buildups are painful. And they make you immobile…

    How a Massage Chair Helps.

    Lymph circulation depends a lot on muscle contraction. With a massage chair, you can gently rub lymph out of your muscles. And this improves the system’s circulation, slowly purifying blood plasma. And it purifies the lymph around cells too. It’s also a convenient option, and a substitute to constant exercising. After all, you can only work out a certain amount of hours a day! 

    #7 – Reduce High Blood Pressure.

    So earlier, we mentioned increasing blood flow. And this is vital for people with low blood pressure…However, you might have the opposite issue. Your blood pressure might be too high. A massage chair can resolve that issue, and here’s why…

    More Relaxation.

    High blood pressure can come to anxiety-ridden individuals. With a massage chair, you learn to relax. Laying down in a chair with vibrating motions can slowly push the anxiety out of your body.

    Horizontal Body Posture.

    You can adjust your massage chair to be like a bed. That posture puts less pressure on your heart to deliver blood. And it does so by using gravity to let blood move to other areas of your body.

    #8 – Stress and Anxiety Reduction.

    massage chair reduces stress and anxiety

    This point ties into the one about high blood pressure. Many people suffer from stress and anxiety problems. And it’s most likely from a busy school/work lifestyle. In that case, a massage chair is a gadget that habitually calms you down.

    How So?

    You can use it during rest periods. You can use it to substitute watching videos, TV, of taking naps… You can use it instead hot baths. And you can use it to unwind after a long-day of work! Think of it as a recharge mechanism that relieves stress, Use it often, and give yourself a boost for an upcoming work routine!

    #9 – Better Sleep.

    A massage chair mimics the motions of a rocking bed. You lay down in it, and you have something that vibrates to massage you. It lets you relax, and in the process, it makes you dozy. If you suffer from sleeping problems, this chair might be your solution. In fact, it might be more comfortable than your own bed!

    Issues it Solves.

    Everything from sleep apnea, to excess jitteriness.  With a few minutes in this chair, you’ll watch them all evaporate away

    #10 – Better Mental Health.

    Earlier, we mentioned anxiety. But a massage chair can also reduce mental health issues. First, a massage chair is always a relaxing experience. Because to use it well, you have to free yourself up…It’s hard to read, do work, or check your smartphone on a chair.So you take a break from life. And if you do this often, you can recharge your mental energy to deal with life’s problems. 

    Also – It’s a Time to Contemplate.

    It’s just like a hot shower. It relaxes you enough, and puts you more in touch with your subconscious. And this is always psychologically therapeutic. It helps you contemplate deeper your life’s problems, and better fixes for them. 

    Time to Get Your Chair.

    Now, a massage chair isn’t something you buy in a day’s notice. It takes a while to shop for one. Because as we mentioned, they’re expensive… They’ll cost you as much as a monthly paycheck. However, the right massage chair will last you a long time. And it’ll become an invaluable piece of personal furniture!

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