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11 Mosquitoes Repellent Plants

Low hygiene lifestyle and poor environmental sanitation are the main causes of mosquito infestation. The best way to prevent any mosquito-borne disease outbreak is to ensure you have a clean environment. Mosquitoes reproduce through stagnant water that can be found anywhere within our homes. The bite can incur skin irritations which includes itching, redness, and swelling of the skin.  

Who has the time to chase mosquitoes around with a spray bottle? Of course, not you! Therefore, you are definitely going to look for a safer way to eradicate mosquitoes in your surroundings. Different mosquito repellents serve different purposes: some kill mosquitoes on contact; others produce scents that suffocate mosquitoes. Insects have the natural habit of staying away from things with scents they despise.

They tend to stay as far as possible when this occurs. Mosquitoes repellent can be made from chemicals, essential oils, and plant derivatives such as marigold, garlic, and mint. Chemicals, as always, have negative impacts on our health and the environment at large. Therefore, growing crops that have mosquito repellant property close to the house will help you ward off your local mosquitoes. These repellent plants will put up an invisible screen in your garden. Some of these mosquito repellent plants are:

  1.      Mint

Mint is very easy to grow and maintain. They grow fast and smell fresh when you rub some leaves on your skin. Mint can also be used in cocktails for celebration with friends and family.

  1.      Geranium

Geranium is a very popular plant. It comes in various colors and can withstand the sun too. Geranium should be planted close to the window or door in order keep mosquitoes from coming in.

  1.      Horsemint

Horsemint is a fast growing plant that is resistant to drought. It can be likened to citronella because of its strong scent that will repel mosquitoes. It can easily grow in dry and sandy areas.

  1.      Catnip

Catnip is also known as a plant for cats; however, this isn’t something you’ll give to your cat as a treat. This plant is very handy in repelling mosquitoes. To most people, catnip is the most potent yet beautiful repellant plant that you can use in the garden.

Since it is easily grown, it doesn’t need much effort to get it growing. Grow catnip in a pot or in the front yard and see the repelling wonders it’ll provide your garden. Consider this plant as it is up to 10 times more effective at repelling mosquitoes than chemical products.

  1.      Lime Basil

The lime basil is a culinary herb. It is a medicinal plant which is very effective as an organic mosquito repellant.

  1.      Marigolds

Marigolds have been used to repel not only mosquitoes, but other insects (including aphids) as well. In fact, mosquitoes do not like the scent of this plant. They are available in many color varieties, including gold, orange, red, and yellow. Since marigolds is attracting, it can be planted on balconies. Other repellent plants can be rubbed on your skin against mosquito; you shouldn’t try that with marigolds.

  1.      Rosemary

Though this herb is used for certain food dishes; yet, it is effective at keeping mosquitoes at bay. This plant can be grown in a pot during the colder climates or in front of your home during the warmer months.

  1.      Garlic

Garlic is a very good mosquito repellent. When ingested, it will eventually find its way into your system, thus keep the mosquitoes at bay. Alternatively, you can plant garlic all around your garden to keep the bugs away during the summer. More so, garlic oil can be sprayed around your yard.

  1.      Citronella

Citronella is another popular mosquito repellent plant which is used in many commercial products for controlling mosquitoes. Because of its oil (citronella oil), this plant is used for many natural mosquito repellents. It can be applied to the skin and can work well just as a candle repellent. Citronella as an environmental-friendly method of getting rid of pests has been proven to have no side effects. When applied to the skin, the scent hides mosquitoes from you.

  1.                         Lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexosus)

Though the fresh scent of lemongrass is good for people; yet, it is annoying for mosquitoes. Lemongrass can be grown from seeds, but it is best to buy fresh lemongrass in the supermarket or shop. Plant them close to the window in a pot with water. Roots will appear within a few weeks and then you can move them to a sunny jar.

  1.                         Lavender

Lavender not only repels mosquito bites, but it also calms and soothes the skin. It can be grown indoor or outdoor. You can also protect your skin by applying the flowers to sensitive parts of the body, such as the arms and ankles.

Mosquitoes are a disturbance which is the reason bug repellant is very important in every household. Using a bug repellent with DEET might seem effective yet, the side effect associated with using it is enormous. As mentioned above, some plants work better when turned into oils that can be applied on the skin, while others burn to make the aroma that repels mosquitoes.

Many of these smells and scents are found in mosquito repellent plants. They are easy to plant and maintain; and they are environmental-friendly. Apart from the plant mosquito repellant, an ideal means of warding away mosquitoes is by keeping the air in motion on the outdoors or in your room. Mosquitoes are not designed to tolerate moving air; therefore, keeping the fan on while on the move would prevent the mosquito bites.


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