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How to Choose the Right Ventilation for Your Salon

In this article, we are going to be discussing the importance of salon ventilation and how to choose the best ventilation system for your salon.

One of the key things to keep in mind when you are starting a salon is that regardless of the type of salon you’ll be running, a ventilation system is important. A lot of the products which are used in salons, particularly in nail salons, contain chemicals which release harmful fumes and as you might have guessed, if you were to inhale those fumes you are at risk of some serious health issues. With this in mind, you want to purchase the right ventilation for your salon.

Common Myths

Before we jump into some of the things to consider, let’s first debunk some of the common myths that people believe about salon ventilation.

Having the windows constantly open is just as effective as a ventilation system.
This is not the case. A ventilation system removes toxins from the air at a much faster rate than simply having your windows open and is thus a lot more effective.

If there are no weird smells, there are no harmful toxins in the air.
Couldn’t be further from the truth! A lot of chemical fumes are odourless and colourless, meaning that you can’t smell or see them.

The bigger the ventilation system, the more effective the system is.
This is a controversial statement although, for the most part, there are smaller ventilation systems available that are just as effective as large systems – bigger isn’t always better!

Why a Ventilation System is Important

It should go without saying that inhaling the fumes from the ingredients used in cosmetic products can be incredibly harmful to your body and your customers. Therefore, having an efficient and well-maintained ventilation system is very important.

Unfortunately, if you aren’t a tech-savvy individual when it comes to things like a ventilation system, you’ll have to do some research and determine which ventilation system to choose for your salon.

Set a Budget

The first thing that you have to do is set a budget. While it’s important to buy a high-quality ventilation system for your salon, you shouldn’t go beyond your budget as it will influence the money that you have left over to spend on other pieces of equipment that you’ll be needing (such as foot spas).

Make a list of everything that you need to purchase and any bills or orders that you have to pay for, and decide how much you want to spend on a ventilation system.

Don’t worry though, while there are some expensive ventilation systems available, you don’t have to spend unnecessarily extravagant amounts of money on them – there are plenty of reasonably priced systems available that come with free installation.

Branded Ventilation Systems

It’s important to take into consideration the brand of any product that you buy as there are some brands who are notorious for using cheap materials, thus the final product isn’t as durable as they claim. This same logic applies to ventilation system manufacturers – you should do some research on each brand and discover what their customers think of their products.

The best thing to do is to browse the internet for forums that are filled with other salon owners who have the experience and know a lot about the different types of ventilation systems. They will be able to answer any questions you have, suggest the type of model that they recommend you get, and they can help you get to a point where you can order a ventilation system that you’re happy with.

Side-tracking for a moment; online forums are a great way to meet other business owners even if they aren’t in the same industry as you. There’s no denying that running a salon can be difficult and with the power of the internet, you can have all of your queries cleared up within minutes.

Energy Efficient Ventilation Systems

Most people launch their business with long-term goals in their mind and for that reason, you should look at ventilation systems that are energy efficient. These types of systems can save you money on your electrical costs while at the same time, removing harmful toxins from your salon.

If you choose an energy efficient ventilation system then this can also be a stepping stone to becoming a “green” business – advertising as an environmentally aware business will appeal to a whole new audience of customers.

Most ventilation systems have something known as a “star rating” – the higher the rating, the more energy efficient the system is.

The Size of the Ventilation System

Having a small ventilation system in a large salon is close to being useless. If you have a big salon, you’ll more than likely need to have several ventilation systems set up at different stations so that all of the fumes are removed effectively.

On the other hand, if you have a smaller salon then don’t go overboard and purchase multiple ventilation systems. You’ll only require one or two to maintain a healthy airflow throughout the property.

Installing the Ventilation System

Although it’s possible for you to install the ventilation system on your own, you have to know exactly what you’re doing so that you don’t install it wrong. If a ventilation system isn’t installed properly then it won’t be as effective as it would be otherwise and you won’t be getting your money’s worth. Because of this, consider whether or not the manufacturer also offers a ventilation installation service.

If they don’t offer this type of service but you have your heart set on getting a specific ventilation system, you can look into other ventilation system businesses and inquire about whether or not they’d be able to install a system that you will supply.

Check Your Local Laws

Everywhere has different laws regarding ventilation systems and whether or not you’re required to have one, so make sure that you’ve done some thorough research on your local laws.

Let’s take New York for example. Back in 2016, a regulation was passed which stated that all salons in New York were required to have proper ventilation systems installed so that any harmful fumes were driven away from both staff and customers. This led to salons hiring professionals to take care of their ventilation needs and following this, they were required to have a ventilation certificate issued.

With this in mind, make sure that you contact a lawyer or do some research to determine what legal obligations there are for your salon.

Why Risk It?

There’s no escaping that ventilation can be an expensive investment but after it’s set up, you’ll never have to purchase it again. Your customers and employees will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of your salon without inhaling harmful fumes and to top it off, your salon will come across as a more professional establishment to potential clients. 

Updated 5 steps for proper ventilations: 

(1) Measure the Salon’s Dimensions.

The capacity of your ventilation system should extend to the full area of your salon.

You’ve got to know the air volume that you need cleared. This means measuring the “height” and “area” of your salon, then presenting those numbers to a professional.

However, if you’re a little worried about the ventilation not being enough, you can buy multiples. This works well for “multi-room” or “multi-story” salons.

We recommend going for outdoor vents. After all, the air you clear isn’t going to be 100% de-contaminated.

So with an outdoor vent, you ditch the old air for fresher ones!

(2) Watch Your Furniture/Floor.

Some items trap dust more than others.

Those include carpets, which can keep debris, dust, and even chemicals remaining. This also includes carpet flooring, which is a big-no.

So make sure you install items where dust is easily clearable from them. After all, you’ll need to “frequently vacuum” those items

(3) System Maintenance.

After picking the desired ventilation system, make sure you clean it out regularly.

You do so to make sure it runs efficiently. It ensures you clear as much air per circulation as possible!

If you’re going for activated charcoal systems, make sure to swap out the filter every 3 months. But do check the filters every month, especially if you live in a dusty environment.

(4) Keep Yourself Protected.

Many responsible salons encourage their technicians to wear masks for air filtration. You should do the same too in your salon.

With a surgical mask, you ensure that germs don’t spread. You also ensure that vapors and dust are not inhaled. So they guard your employees’ lungs from inhaling harmful items.

Make sure you pick a mask with an “N95” rating. This means that a mask will block 95% of dust particles that access the lungs.

Also, make sure you pick masks with 1-way valves. This allows for better inhalation and exhalation, and it gives wearers a constant supply of fresh oxygen.

(5) Product Maintenance.

When not in use, your dispenser bottles and nail chemicals should stay closed. This reduces exposure and evaporation which may potentially harm you.

Also, never service clients using bulk containers. Always pour out bulk containers to smaller and well-labeled ones.

And finally, maintain trash cans that are properly sealed. If possible, make sure they’re metallic, so that they react less with chemicals, while keeping odors to a minimum!

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