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Top 10 Easy To Grow Flower Plants For Beginner

No human-made thing ever can beat the beauty of nature. Having expensive benches and the umbrellas in the garden are just incomplete till the time you add some beautiful flowers to bloom an elegant touch and soothing effect to the eyes. The glory of the fresh flowers is just magnificent as they not only give peace to your soul but also take you close to the ecosystem by attracting a variety of butterflies and birds. Spending a few minutes in the garden full of colorful flowers and the hummingbirds has all the powers to distress the mind while giving a fresh start to the day.

Indeed, we all love to see natural beauty around and once in a lifetime we all must have tried for growing some flowers in the home garden or the fencing area. Many people complain that either the flower plants don't grow well or they die quickly in a month's period killing their excitement of witnessing the bunchy garden with natural colors. In this piece of content, we are going to reveal the top 10 easy to grow flower plants for beginners that you can grow without putting much of your effort and time, and inevitably you will not require pro gardening skills to make them grow.

1. Sunflowers
No one is unknown with the attractive looks of this flower. Sunflowers are super easy to grow, and even the kids can have their separate plants to beautify the garden area. Markedly, ‘Mongolian Giant’ grows up to 14 feet tall with no hard effort. All you need is to put some seeds of this flower plant in the sunny, sheltered space and then enjoy watching them grow day by day. It tolerates most soil types and attracts a lot of bees, butterflies, and birds around. You don’t need to worry if you skip watering them as most of the varieties are heat and drought tolerant.

2. Sweet Peas
The more you pick, the more you get from the sweet peas. These flowers have ultimate fragrance and are super easy to handle. They can be grown best on sunny grounds with plenty of water. All you will need is a supportive fence to give way to spread these climbers and form their dense hub. Usually, they grow as high up to 8 feet and prefer a moist base for fullness.

3. Nigella
Growing nigella is just like magic. You can only spread the nigella seeds in the bare soil and let it rise all by itself. It has jewel-like blue color flowers with delicate and ferny leaves that look simply astonishing and soul-satisfying. It gives you no worry to plan for the next season; it automatically settles its seeds for the following year.

4. Aquilegia
These are plants which can tolerate almost any weather condition and comes back year after year by themselves. If you are a real nature lover, go for this fabulous plant and enjoy growing them in sunny or semi-shade location. Thanks to the remarkable peculiarity, these pretty flowers come in every possible color combination to soothe your eyes.

5. Eschscholzia
If you are the one who is not a fan of watering the plants, eschscholzia will go entirely with you. These multicolor plants grow well even in the poor, dry soil and full sun conditions. Just scatter them in the garden and enjoy the once forgotten corners filled beautifully with the colors of nature. Each year they settle their seeds for the further growth, so you will not need to worry about the next plantation too.

6. Nasturtium
Another category of plants that even small children can grow is Nasturtium. They grow well with almost no effort and can cover the significant patch of your garden with their rapid spread. They fall in the category of edible annual flowers, so you can also use them for salad and enjoy the peppery taste. Available in the shades of yellow, orange, red and cream, they take an average height of 8-10 feet and stand well with the support of trellis or walls.

7. Marigold
It’s one of the most famous variety of flower that doesn't make you wait for a long time in showing its ultimate colors. Marigold grows fast and suits every spot, little or big, for spreading the ultimate shades of gold, red, yellow and mixed. An additional benefit this beautiful flower plant provide is repelling the mosquitoes. You can spread its seed in almost any season to enjoy the fully mature 6-36 inches tall marigold plant within a gap of few weeks.

8. Hardy Geranium
These small plants of 3-24 inches demand a low maintenance. You can use them to decorate your garden beds, window boxes, containers and hanging baskets. If planting them, get ready to see different birds chirping in your garden as they attract a lot of them. They are water lovers but hate it when over-flow.

9. Pansy
Best known for their cheery faces, pansies are hard to resist. These garden favorites are super easy to grow from both seeds and pansy plug plants. With the average height of about 9 inches, Pansy is a large-flowered plant that flourishes well in moderate regions. These plants like through water once in a week and love mild sunshine for their robust stand.

10. Fuchsias
They are best loved for adding elegance to containers and hanging baskets. Available in almost every color and shape, Fuchsias are best suited for professional and ambitious display. With the average height of 1-8 feet, these flower plants attract a lot of hummingbirds.

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