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Top 10 Winter Bedding Plants

Winter is the best phase considered for growing some of the major plants. As it's the season where one has to take minimum concerns regarding the soil dryness, water level, and erosions, experienced gardeners take full advantage of the dropped temperature and try their hands for getting some of the significant harvests. While the overall aura of the winters turns dull and calm, it feels really nice to grow some of the colorful flowers in the garden area to add a glow to the surroundings.

Note that, plants those who grow well in summers do not necessarily bloom well in winters. People often complain they face difficulty in sustaining their plants during the cool waves, but it's not primarily about the gardening skills or the subsistence, it's something that revolves around the breed or the variety. Winder bedding plants have distinct features to cope with the climate, and they flourish really well in their season. Here is the list of Top 10 Winter Bedding Plants that you should try this season to get the exceptional results-

  1.      Pansies

The blooming period of Pansies is much longer than any of the other winter bedding plants. All the way from autumn and passing its colors to spring, these cheery face flowers provide an elegant look to containers, window boxes, hanging baskets, beds, and borders. If taken with care, they grow well almost in any season spreading their vibrant colors of blue, purple, white, yellow, red and orange. Plant the pansies in the sunny or partially shaded position and get ready to see the children playing around with their 9 inch little companions for hours.

  1.      Violas

Just like the Pansies, Viola plants grow flowers in abundance and can add beauty to any of the display. Many of these plants have a delightful sweet fragrance which makes them a perfect buddy for the hanging baskets. Being the perfect-winter-bloomers, violas are available in a range of colors and have around 500- 600 species. Gardeners often refer them as ornamental flowers and love to grow them in the beds, borders and window boxes.

  1.      Primrose

One of the favorite garden bedding plants, Primrose adds sparks to the surrounding with its beauty and sweet fragrance. Modern breedings of this plant have blessed the flower lovers with the range of colors, sizes, and shades, making it difficult to choose between any two. These plants love dry soil for their seeds and relish to grow with less water and moisture. With amazing handcrafted like flowers, Primroses take the average height of 6 inches to 3 feet on maturity.

  1.      Polyanthus

Bright and compact, Polyanthus are versatile winter plants suitable for any area or patch. They glow equally well in borders, window boxes, containers, beds, and pots and usually have short, sturdy stems. Well known for their dense coverage, the taller varieties take an average height of 1 foot and grow really well in the winters.

  1.      Wallflower

Even in the poorest of soils, Wallflower plants grow miraculously well and cover the window boxes, containers, and beds with their long-lasting, soul-satisfying display. Available in the shades of orange, yellow, pink, purple and blue they are significantly drought-tolerant but need water regularly until grown.

  1.      Sweet William

These deliciously fragrant plants grow on a stiff, upright stem and are superb for cutting and shaping. Sweet William loves to face the full sun and prefers loose, rich soil that drains easily. Their size is the best fit for pots and containers, but they can also be tried at vertical planter and windowsill to add a different charm.

  1.      Stock

Passing their way from the mid-spring to the mid-summer, Stock is the renowned winter bedding plant. These upright, neat biennials produce ruffled, large and heavily fragrant spikes. Available in a wide range of pastel colors, flowers of this amazing plant bloom well in winters and spread the sweet fragrance to an open distance. Stock takes the maximum height of 10 inches, but some of the tall varieties cross 2 feet easily.

  1.      Bellis

Bellis is famous for growing masses of quilled, round blooms in the shades of red, white and pink. One of the finest varieties, 'Pomponette' matures itself as a real eye-catchy natural beauty with off-white flowers and pink petal tips. Investing in this plant is the real value for money as it grows beautifully and needs a minimum of resources. With the stem height of 3-5 inches, these pompom-like flowers are the perfect companion for winters.

  1.      Forget-me-not

These self-seed plants go perfectly with their name. Once they are planted in the garden, no further worries ever exist for planning their next season. With the traditional colors of blue, Forget-me-not plants do come in the newer shades of pink and white. Gifted with the perfectibility of spreading freely, these plants fit well in beds, border, containers, pots, and window boxes and take an average height of 1 foot to 2 feet.

     10.     Cyclamen coum

Cyclamen coum is the true winter bedding plant that eliminates the dullness of winter with its bright color and shade. They grow flawlessly in the chilling temperatures and effectively splash the colors of pink in the surroundings. Well-drained soil and the nearby grass are the two true comrades for this plant that supports its growth and allow it to mature at a steady pace. Not only the flowers, but the leaves of Cyclamen coum are also equally beautiful that vary in the shapes of 'round' and 'heart' among the different varieties.


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