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Holiday Present Manicure
(0) Holiday Present Manicure

Gifts and presents are probably the first love of everyone. Apart from the festivities held on holidays all the year long, have you thought of giving your nails a look of a wrapped present? This might sound weird but true to the facts, it looks pretty endearing. While you decorate your home and your backyard with ornaments, flutes and pretty decorations, you should try this nail art and dress your nails up like a present too. All it’s going to take is a bit of cutting and dotting.

Full Holiday Present Manicure Design


Are you a crafty person? Even if you’re not it doesn’t matter because making a tiny cute bow is not a very difficult task. Anyone can do that easily. Play with the ribbon for a bit and come up with a nice little bow to embellish your ring fingernail with it at the end of your manicure. Check out the  steps below:


  1.       Start by applying base coat on all your nails.
  2.       Choose a solid color to apply on all the nails. Here, light grayish nail color is used for a sophisticated  present manicure look.
  3.       Use a striper brush to create a line right in the center of your nails with white nail color.
  4.       You can paint any kind of extra detail you want to. Like, in this one tiny dots with black nail color are there.
  5.       End your nail painting session with the top-coat application on all the nails.
  6.       Make a small crafty bow of white ribbon having black polka dots.
  7.       Apply nail glue to the cuticle of your ring fingernail and attach the crafty bow to it.

Isn’t the idea of gluing a real bow to your nail the best part of this holiday present manicure? Anyone who’ll see your nails will be completely awestruck by the sight of it, so do indulge in creating this awesome nail art.



Heart to Heart Nail art
(0) Heart to Heart Nail art

Every day is a day to celebrate love! There is no restriction to celebrating and spreading the love at any day. But yes, Valentine's and occasions like birthdays, dates and anniversaries are the special days to say what your heart has got in it. Wearing a special dress and preparing a hearty meal might not be enough to pull off a killer look for your loved one. A heart to heart nail art may help you complete your overall look! Check out the steps for a sassy heart to heart nail design:

Full Heart to Heart Nail Art:

This lovely heart design is meant to get you a peck or two on your beautiful hands for sure. It is a perfect fit for a wedding anniversary celebration! 


  1.       Paint your nails with a clear base coat first so that the nail polish sticks to your nails for a longer time period without damaging them.
  2.       Select a light and a dark color combination. Here, a combination of white and red is used.
  3.       Paint all your nails with red nail polish.
  4.       Take a striper brush and draw a small “V” in the center of each nail. Then paint a “3” right on top (like <3). Fill the shape in with white nail color.
  5.       Make two small hearts at the side of the hearts on each nail.
  6.       Draw a hanging line (like a string of balloons) coming from each heart. (refer to picture).
  7.       Finish the nail art with a top coat.

Everybody gives chocolates and numerous costly gift items to their loved ones on special days. This time do something entirely different! Fill in your nails with this heart to heart nail art and show your loved ones how much you love them. They’d surely feel loved and special inside.

Gold Glittery Accent Nail
(0) Gold Glittery Accent Nail

Most of the young adults crave for an ultimate snazzy attire. To get into that a couple of trendy dresses and sassy footwear are picked. But the look is incomplete without the nails being shined and polished. For the ones who are indeed fond of trend-setting activities then giving a try to gold glitter, accent nail art would be a great opportunity for them. Limiting yourself is not what you do if you are someone who loves to keep their nail updated. And gold glittery accent nail art is a design that truly crosses the manicured boundaries because it has glitter, sequins, two colors and a matte finish!

Full Gold Glittery Nail Art:

Just like any other nail art, you are allowed to make changes in the color combinations. Glitter nails are a perfect choice for all sorts of parties and night outs. Your hands would look absolutely hot!


  1.       Apply a base coat on your fingernails.
  2.       Select colors that would go with glittery nail colors. Dark colors paired with shimmery colors gives a spiffy flashy look. So here matte dark purple and blue are used with gold glitter nail polish.
  3.       On your index and small fingernail, apply matte dark blue nail color.
  4.       On your thumb and middle fingernail, apply matte dark purple nail color.
  5.       If single doesn’t look that good, then apply a second coat too.
  6.       Finally, for the accent nails, apply two coats of gold glitter nail polish on the ring fingernail.
  7.       Apply a top coat on the ring fingernail.
  8.       In case you aren’t using matte nail color then don’t forget to apply top coat on each fingernail.

Other than this color combination, try red and black with silver. Did you like this stunning party-look-oriented glittery nail art? Do give it a try, it’s too easy!


Gingerbread Man Nails
(0) Gingerbread Man Nails

The designs for the nail art are getting more and more interesting and dinky day by day. You must have listened to the stories of a little gingerbread man who didn’t want to be eaten and escaped. Well, how about you give it a nice temporary home? If you’re wondering where would be that then here’s the trendiest idea; a recreation of a gingerbread man on the nails! Food is always on the mind, so for the times when you’re short on ingredients why not opt for doing gingerbread man nail art? Check out the guide below on how to do gingerbread man nail art:

 Full Gingerbread Man Nail Art:

It’s up to you which shade of brown you wish to use. It should be somewhere between dark brown and medium brown.


  1.       Begin your gingerbread man nail art by applying a base coat.
  2.       Here, a neutral chocolaty brown nail color is used. Apply the brown nail color of your choice on all your fingernails. (two coats)
  3.       Once dried, with the help of dotting tool paint three dots (inspired from buttons) in the center of each fingernail except the ring fingernail using red nail color.
  4.       Now paint tiny bow ties with suitable green nail color at the beginning of each fingernail leaving the ring fingernail as it is.
  5.       Paint two dots and a smile (like two eyes and smile of gingerbread man) on the ring fingernail with white nail color.
  6.       Use the white nail color to paint white background such that it appears as the face and upper body of the gingerbread man. (refer to the picture)
  7.       If you want your gingerbread man nail art to last longer than apply a top coat on the nails at the end.

You can be extra creative while doing this nail art, you can try making a complete cute tiny gingerbread man on ring fingernail. Feel free to experiment!

Elegant snowflake nails
(0) Elegant snowflake nails

Bored of all the glimmery, shimmery, and glittery snowflake nail art? Then you might like to try something more finesse and neat. The extras and sparkles don’t always add up to the special effect. Sometimes simple nail art gets to your heart.  Elegant snowflake nail art is probably the most stunning snowflake design of all. Check out the steps below and relish an elegant snowflake nail art at home!

Full Elegant Snowflake Nail Art

Elegant snowflake nails might be the easiest and quickest to do in winters. It hardly takes 5 minutes. Nude nail colors give a sweet touch to the nails, depicting elegance and opulence. You only have to worry about drying time and nothing else.


  1.       Select an elegant base color like over here ‘nude’ is used.
  2.       Paint your nails with the nude nail color. Apply two coats for a more professional finish.
  3.       Once it's completely dried, you can start with the art of designing elegant snowflakes on the nails.
  4.       Use a striper brush to design the snowflakes a silver or white nail color.
  5.       Add 1 or 2 dots (as per your wish) on the nail. Now paint five lines coming from the dots.
  6.       Paint two sets of angled lines (like arrowheads facing the dot in the middle) on each of the five lines.
  7.       You can put up dots in empty spaces if you wish to.
  8.       For a glossier finish, apply a top coat and cuticle oil once dried.

If you haven’t done the elegant snowflake nail art before, then you got to try it this once. Practice will lead you to perfection. You can always use nail colors of your choice. But make sure the two you choose are different in tones; one is darker and one is lighter. Get your nails a snowy feel!


Dotty French Spring Nails
(0) Dotty French Spring Nails

Be it summer or winter who doesn’t love to talk about spring. Saying about spring dotty french spring nails are the latest sensation. Women are obsessed with their hands, which gives them a reason to look out for exceptionally innovative nail art designs. Moreover, if you’re someone who loves to celebrate the changes in the seasons then you won’t be able to keep yourself away from trying out dotty french spring nail art. Instead of going to a nearby saloon and wasting your time and money, you can check out the step-to-step guide below and get your nails with dotty french spring design.

Full Dotty French Spring Nails

Spring is the most colorful season of all and there’s no point in celebrating spring season without a splash of colors! You’ll need five different nail colors to flaunt off your colorful nails. This design requires minimum effort and only five minutes.


  1.       Apply the base coat on your nails.
  2.       Since it is specifically a spring inspired dotty french nail art, white nail color is used to start the art with.
  3.       Paint your nails with white nail color. Make sure you don’t forget to apply a second coat.
  4.       Using a dotting tool, make dots on your nails with the pink, icy blue, mauve, lemon green, yellow nail colors on your thumb, index, middle, ring, small fingernails respectively.
  5.       Paint a French tip to each nail with the same nail color used for the dots on that nail.
  6.       Apply top-coat in the end.

Simple yet cool, this is a wonderful improvised version of polka dot nail art and French manicure that gives a vibrant addition to your nails in spring. Grab the nail colors and start doing it, be an artist!




Dotted French
(0) Dotted French

Getting late for a day out with friends and thinking about what to do with the nails at the eleventh hour- this is a situation you get stuck into a lot of times. Make yourself feel at home because you’re about to discover an easy last minute nail art design. Dotted French is the new french manicure these days. It’s a mixture of polka dot design and traditional French manicure. This one’s so basic yet fancy that almost every teenager and adult would love to get their nails done in dotted french. You can wear this nail art to your friend’s birthday, a backyard party or even to a shopping spree with your best friends. Following are steps noted down for an eye-catching dotted french nail art, suitable for every occasion.

Full Dotted French Nail Art:

It’s ideal to choose neon colors for a dotted French nail art. It’d only take you 5 minutes, and if you have to rush out immediately then you can even do it while sitting in your car (but only if you’re not driving!).


  1.       Start off with the application of clear base coat on the nails.
  2.       Choose a classy color combination, like that of bright red and dark blue.
  3.       Paint your nails with red nail color.
  4.       Once it dried up, now you have to give it a dotted french nail art look.
  5.       Instead of creating a traditional French tip, you’ll create a dotted french tip.
  6.       Make use of large dotting tool to draw dots on the tip of the nail in a straight row with blue nail color.
  7.       For another row of smaller dots right above the already created dotted row, use a small dotting tool.
  8.       Complete the dotted French nail art with top coat on each fingernail.

 In a hurry and can’t find a dotting tool? Pick up a bobby pin, toothpick or a needle; whatever is handy. Do give this dotty nail art a try!


Disney Nail Art
(0) Disney Nail Art

Every year thousands of people make their way to Disneyland. And these people aren’t only the kids and babies, but also the grownups enjoy the fascinating sights. Won’t you like to flaunt off your dashing Disney nails in front of all the visitors? Even if you are unable to fly to Disneyland this year, you have the disney feel at home by doing a Disney nail art!  If you’re a true disney devotee then you’ll love to try this superb disney nail art.

Full Disney Nail Art:

There is no end to creativity when it comes to disney nail art designs. From disney princess to the world famous mickey mouse, you can draw anything and everything. This design is based on mickey mouse theme. You can use pink, red and black combination too.


  1.       The Clear base coat is what you’ve to apply first on your nails.
  2.       Choose a light base nail color; baby pink, sky blue or solid white. Here, white nail color is used.
  3.       Now make two mickey mouse faces on each fingernail with the help of three black dots (one for face, two for ears). (refer to picture)
  4.       Use a large and small dotting tool to make dots on the nails with sky blue nail color.
  5.       Give a professional look by applying a top coat at the end.

These disney inspired nail arts are so cute that even adults can have their nails this way. Try the disney designs at home, you can find plenty of them to mimic. When you can live in a magical world of fairies at night then why not treat your nails in a magical manner too. Go ahead and create a disney design!

Cute pink nails
(0) Cute pink nails

The latest color phenomenon that has taken over all the nail artists is “pink is the new black”. Be it summer, winter or spring pink always has its followers. From clothes to the home furnishing pink has its roots everywhere. And so, the hip world of nail art is full of a wide variety of pink nail art. Creating pink nail arts is no less than a challenge but with the availability of dozens of pink hues, designing a masterpiece is not an actual problem anymore.

Full Cute Pink Nail Art:

The stripes, polkas, and accent nails are too common. It’s time to try out something new and really cute. The following step-by-step guide is the key to flaunt off the coolest pink nail art. STEPS:

  1.       The very first step you have to take is to apply a base coat on each fingernail.
  2.       You can choose any pink hue that pleases you the most. Over here matte dark pink nail polish is used.
  3.       Paint your nails with the pink nail color.
  4.       If you feel that a single coat isn’t enough, then go for a second coat.
  5.       Now dip a thin striper brush in white nail color and draw the body of tiny strawberry at the corner of the nail tip.
  6.       Paint in five small dots in rows inside the shape. (refer to the picture)
  7.       Make color-filled star shape with white nail color to finish the look of strawberry.
  8.       Though the nail polish used is matte, but if you’re using the normal one then end the nail art by applying a top coat once you’re done painting cute strawberries.

Feel free to use a regular nail polish and a different shade of pink. There’s absolutely no hard and fast rule. You certainly won’t regret giving your nails a cute fruity pink nail art!


Chrome tips nail art
(0) Chrome tips nail art

How many times in a year do you do a French tip nail art? Almost a hundred times, right? Quite a number of you must be bored of the same white colored tips. But don’t you worry, there’s another glamorous thing that you can do with your nail tips! Say hello to the latest sensation in the nail art world, the chrome tips. The metallic chrome nail polish not only looks beautiful with regular nail polish but also looks sexy when matched with a matte nail polish. You just have to blend it with a catchy nail color to create a classic dramatic nail look. Your chrome tip nails will the spotlight for the gawkers in the room! Read on to find the guidelines: 

Full Chrome Tips Nail Art

If you’re a master at French nail tips then doing a chrome tip nail art with a metallic chrome nail paint isn’t going to be a problem for you at all. You’ll enjoy using the chrome nail color for a change.


1.      Firstly, apply a clear base coat on each fingernail.

2.      Select a random color you would like to match with chrome color. In this tutorial, bright blue color is used.

3.      Wait for the next move until the blue nail color dries.

4.      Now you have to paint the chrome tips on nails with freehand.

5.      Make sure you carefully paint the tip of the nails with chrome nail paint just like it is done in a french manicure.

6.      Don’t forget to apply a top-coat at the end.

This is an amazing sassy nail art, which appears to speak of the attitude of a classy girl. You can create half moon tips, or thin tips (stripe like). How you use the chrome nail color on the nail tips is completely up to you. All you needed was an inspiration!