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Brookstone BK-450 Massage Chair

Brand: Brookstone
  • Black & Burgundy
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Old price: $5,999.00
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      • L track technology of the Brookstone BK-450 massage chairL Track Technology

        Following the curve of your spine, the 3D quad style roller mechanism of the Brookstone BK-450 glides across each muscle group from the base of your neck, down your back, and wraps underneath your glutes.

      • The Brookstone BK-450 massage chair is equipped with advanced body scan technologyBody Scan Technology

         The updated body scan technology of the Brookstone BK-450 massage chair ensures that the massage rollers hit all the right areas without causing pain across the shoulder blades. The scan makes sure that the roller applies consistent pressure along all of your muscles.

      • LCD remote control of the Brookstone BK-450 massage chairLCD Remote Control

         The streamlined LCD handheld remote makes navigating your massages easy. Simply select your automatic massage program and drift away as your body destresses and relaxes.

      • 3D roller massage of the Brookstone BK-4503D Massage

        The 3D rollers of the BK-450 allow the massage heads to go up and down, side to side, and in and out. The 3D gives you more control over the depth and strength of your massage. 4 levels of depth are available.

      • Heat therapy at Lumbar  of the Brookstone BK-450 massage chairHeat Therapy

        Soothing heat targets the lumbar area gently relaxing tight muscles and relieving pain. This helps restore healthy circulation throughout the body, and prepares the muscles for a deeper massage.

      • Brookstone BK-450 in zero gravity stageZero Gravity

        The elevation of the knees to above the heart lifts all of the pressure off of the spine for an even more relaxing massage. At the touch of a button, the Brookstone BK-650 massage chair reclines to the perfect position.

      • Air compression massage of the Brookstone BK-450Space Saving Desing

        Waves of full body air compression stimulate the circulatory system, helping speed recovery and eliminate toxins from the body. Shoulders, hands and arms, as well as feet and calves, are relaxed with soothing air compression massage from the 20 airbags.

      • Foot rollers of the Brookstone BK-450 massage chairFoot Rollers

        Relaxing foot massage is provided by spinning rollers along the bottom of the foot. Gentle kneading instantly revives sore tired feet.

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