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    5 situations that causes fines in nail industry

    5 situations that causes fines in nail industry

    1. Leave clean and dirty stuffs in one place

    This is a common mistake. This could be due to lack of either awareness or carefulness; or it could be because he/she is too busy with work, thus s/he does not follow the rules properly.

    It should be clearly understood that in the rules, it is required to put the clean and dirty in two different places (two boxes). Also there must be the label “clean” or “soiled/dirty” for each box. Otherwise, you will be fined from $100 up.

    This is a mistake that happens quite frequent in nail salons. This is also a regrettable situation that easily leads to fine.

    In fact, there are many technicians got fined because in their working box (considered as pretty new and decent) but it contains small white acrylic powder. It is such an unexpected situation.

    2. Dip the wooden stick into wax more than one time

    While waxing, be careful to avoid a stick (such as wooden stick) dipping into wax more than one time. Each time you have to use a new stick for waxing, according to the law.

    The action of re-use the stick will be fined by the time it is recognized.

    The nail technicians doing the waxing often do not pay attention to this case. The salon owner sometimes does not notice because of the thought of saving. It is not until the fine to be sorry about the small saving action, which leads to bigger issue.


    3. Don’t hang the nail certificates at the working place.

    The law requests that the nail certificates must be hang on the wall or an easy-to-see place in the salon.

    No hanging (for any reasons) will lead to fines, which is a pity.

    There was a case that a technician took out the certificate to change the frame but she forgot to bring it in the next day. She thought it was okay and worked as usual because there was only one day. However, there was unexpected inspection, and she was fined … She could only blame on her carelessness. Such kind of risk could happen anytime without any warning.

    4. Don’t change frequently the disinfectants or don’t keep it clean

    There are many technicians and nail salons got fined from the mistake. The disinfectant is not clean or there is a strange thing inside such as dust, nail or the color of the solution is dirty, all have the high risk to be fined. It should be noticed to change the antibiotic frequently and keep it clean.

    If there is sign of uncleanliness, it must be stopped using and replaced immediately.

    5. Don’t leave the lid on the cream or powder right after use

    This is also a common mistake and a reason that many technicians and nail salons got fined. This happens often due to the carelessness or underestimating the action. 

    Keep in mind that the contaminated dust, chemical vapors can cling into cream boxes or powders very quickly when we do not cover immediately. No need to mention its consequences yet. When the first inspection is assessed as not good hygiene, the possibility of fines is almost certain.

    To sum up, these 5 common mistakes are deserved to pay more attention and put more carefulness to avoid the fines.

    Co-workers we remind each other. Salon owners notice to remind the technicians when we see the mistakes, to protect ourselves and help the business develop more stable and safely.

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