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    Skills that help you to become a professional nail technician

    Skills that help you to become a professional nail technician

    Applying nail powder, even to the skilled and experienced technicians, there are times that a customer incidentally damages one or few nails. Sometimes, it is because the previous technician did not do it carefully enough. Of course in that case, we could not request the customer to re-make the whole nail set. Although fixing a nail is not paid well, it is a way to prove our skillfulness to strangers, or to keep our frequent customers. Below are some notices and repairing techniques of the powdered nails for the novices.

    If the customer has recently made the set within a week but s/he cracks the nails, it is requested not to soak or remove the whole nail but to fix it only.

    Remember: The skillful technician when repairing will ensure that the shape, the length and the color of the nail will be the same with the rest of the nails.

    1. Horizontal cracked nail or cracked nail tips:

    Cut it shorter

    Use a sharp head diamond to slough down the powder, file it, attach tip and overlay powder to cover the whole nail.

    2.Side-cracked and bleeding nail:

    Rinse the blood with water, drop an antiseptic, softly wipe it dry, ADD GLUE to cover the crack, wait for it to dry. Use a sharp diamond side plough down the powder, file it and overlay powder to cover the whole nail.

    3. White tip fractured:

    Thin down the tip. While attaching a white tip, please pay attention to put it not too high. If the length is short, it is required to add clear tip first, and shorten it, round the clear nail and attach white tip into the edge of the clear tip. Until the new pink of the nail evenly with the pink of the rest then it meets the requirement.


    •          While cutting the tip, save some space for the file later, to ensure the nail will not be shorter than the rest.
    •          If the customer is new, try to find the right color with the rest of the nails; or if s/he changes the color of the whole set - it is good. Do not repair without finding the color first.
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