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    How to whiten nails

    How to whiten nails

    With a not white and healthy nail set, women would be less confident because of its non – beauty and ugly appearance.

    Good news: if your nails has signal to be gray along time or be dull due to the external effect, you can remedy this issue with bunch of simple methods.

    Below is the instruction to whiten your nails. You can also apply this method for toenails.

    Soaking nail into the major remover water

    Fingernails have a lot of calcium and other ingredients as same as your teeth’s. Thus, teeth cleaner is also effective to your fingernails or toenails.

    If you need, go ahead to a medicine store and buy some common teeth cleaning tablets, then melting one in warm water and lastly, put hands into this mix.

    After 5 minutes, get hands out and wash by warm water.

    You will not suffer from skin irritation or other problems because this kind of medicine is very safe for teeth, so do hands.

    The best way is to use this some times per week to get the good result.

    Whiten nails by using lemon and soap

    It is very effective to use lemon for the nail whitening because of its strong acid. When your nails are darker due to banana or tomato or different kinds of pus, you can use lemon or kumquat to completely remove them from your nails.

    With the combination between lemon and soap, it is such a very high – advanced method to get the better result.

    The basic principle in this formula is to use the lemon to break the links among dirt, polish and nails, then soap will help to clear them all from your nail.

    whiten nails with lemon whiten nails with soap

    Use the vinegar

    Vinegar is light acid chemical to remove the dirt on the hard surface of fingernails or toenails.

    In this case, you had better use the vinegar because it does not have any pigment that can react and make your nails to be darker/ uglier.

    beautiful whiten nails

    Whiten the nails by toothpaste cream

    As mentioned, the ingredients of the fingernails are the same as teeth’s. So you can use this cream to whiten your nails.

    Use a little pea of cream for each nail surface. Then, use the brush to work slowly on each nail within 5 minutes before washing by warm water.

    Repeat your duty for nails per week to get the highest result.

    Use salt and lemon to whiten the nails:

    Salt is considered as a basic chemical that can connect with lemon’s ingredient to remove any dirt on the very hard surface such as your fingernails.

    Use some salt and pure lemon water with 1:1 ratio, stir into the mix in a bowl.

    Use cotton pad to take some and apply on the nails that are needed to be white. It needs to keep this work during 5 minutes before washing by the warm water.