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    How to choose the nail polish remover

    How to choose the nail polish remover

    Removing the nail polish is one of the important step in the nail worker’s process. However, the nail worker needs to get the certain knowledge about nail products to select the safe nail polish remover product. It is the product that not only assured to clear the nail polish safely, but also restricted the harm to both customers and workers.

    Two types of nail polish remover

    There are acetone and non – acetone. Both are solvent. They work on melting resin, plasticizers, film formers or color pigments in the nail polish.

    However, these two types are also different from safety for the users:

    -          Acetone Nail Polish remover: it make epidermis and nail skin dry; has bad smell; the nail would be broken if frequently used; quickly remove the polish.

    -          Non – acetone/ Aceton – Free Nail Polish remover: it does not affect to the epidermis as well as the the nail skin; not have the badly chemical smell; not harmful for long using; needs longer time staying on nail to remove the dirt completely.

    So which one should be chosen?

    For all the requirements of the nail industry, health is one of the leading factors. However, you can consider  to get the best choice:

    1.       Aceton Nail Polish remover is the most common and cheapest. Its ingredient includes: Acetone, Ethyl Acetone, Toluene, Propyline Carbonate, Alcohol, and acetone is account of 60% of remover water’s ingredients.

    Acetone Nail Polish remover can easily remove the polish but it would affect badly to the nail being weak and broken, especially acrylics or gel nails. According to OSHA, using this chemical for long would get sickness such as skin problem, eyes irritation, breath difficulty, chronic bronchitis, liver and kidney problem,…

    The advantage of acetone is to remove the polish very quickly. Thus, it is useful for removing the dark colors such as: holographic, shimmer, glitter or shellac (no – chip).

    1.       Non – Acetone Nail Polish Remover is the product that should be chosen if you want to remove the nail polish and keep healthy for the users. Non – acetone doesn’t contain acetone. It has propylene carbonate, ethylacetate or tocopherylacetate… with small amount for each, which are not harmful for your nails. Non – acetone is very effective to the delighted pigments, dry and effective hand skin, acrylic or gel nails.

    The disadvantage is that it takes more time than acetone to melt the polish’s ingredients, especially for the dark pigments.

    1.       Non – acetone Nail Polish remover is organic or natural because of its non – acetone solvent. Besides that, it contains some enriched moisture ingredients such as glycerin, panthenol and soybean oil, aloe vera, wheat protein, gelatin, vitamin C, vitamin E or conditioners. Although its removing time is longer than acetone, the organic remover has the gentle smell and safe.

    Some notes:

    Nowadays, removers of nail polish is various. But it also needs to get attention on the bad effect of non – acetone products. Instead of acetone containing, these non – acetone products has methanol (which is a kind of toxic for nail). Therefore, the users/ buyers had better select the most suitable and safe one by checking out the harmful chemicals writing on the product label.

    So, users should choose Organic nail polish remover.

    After using the remover, always apply moisture for skin and nails by enriched cream or nail care oil,…This work would help the skin/ epidermis to be recoved, lack of harm from nail polish to hands,  limit the damages that would be happened.

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