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    Nail Polish Removed Without Using Acetone

    Nail Polish Removed Without Using Acetone

    Using acetone to clean the nails is one of the main reason for getting yellow, weak and easily broken ones that these consequences are from chemicals in acetone. However, we are able to clean nails without using it by some ways:

    1.       Fruit wine:

    Pour some fruit wine into the cotton pad and put that on your nail. After 10 – 15 minutes, you will use this cotton pad to brush lightly to remove the polish on your nail. Finally, soak your nail into warm water and dry by other cotton piece.

    1.       Lemon juice and vinegar:

    Make a mix including small amount of pure lemon, vinegar and stir them. Then, use a cotton pad that already has the mix and put on the nail, also brush in very light way to remove the polish lately. You would rather do it some repeating times to get cleaner but you will not worry about the chemicals effect.

    remove nail polish with lemon

    1.       Body spray

    This kind is also to help removing nail polish easily. Use a cotton pad with full of body spray to brush your nail. The layer of the polish would be eliminated quickly. Lastly, clean the nail by warm water and put some enriched scream to make soft hands.

    1.       Baking soda

    Baking soda is one of greatest things to remove dirt and it can easily be bought in bakery making stores. To remove the nail polish, make a sticking mixture from baking soda and warm water, put on the nail fully and stay in this condition within 15 minutes. After all, use a small brush to clear the polish and dry it by soft, clean and warm fabric.

    beautiful nails

    1.       Toothpaste cream

    Don’t be surprised! You can really clear your nail by using this material. Put some toothpaste cream on the nail, brush the nail in round and do that one more time with the small brush tool. Finally, use warm fabric to dry the nail.

    1.       Nail polish

    Please polish your nail, leave that some minutes and use the cotton bud to clear the both old and new layers. After removing them, soaking hands into warm water and use cotton pad to dry.

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