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    How To Treat Broken Nails

    How To Treat Broken Nails

    In doing nails business, it is necessary to take care of the customers ‘nails problem. Splitting nails is a common situation. In this case, nail workers need to understand the nail process and have the suitable solution. That is because the very skillful nail polish put may not cover the mistake completely, it is also because splitting nail would be worsen.

    Splitting nail’s causes

    Splitting nails is popular for middle aged women and higher age people. When the body oil connecting the nail corneum layers is being reduced, the nail would be splatted.

    Nail is one of the body part that contains the natural structure (including 18% of water and under 5% of lipid). Therefore, the dry and lacking moisture condition on nail would make split, broken, weaker and thinner. At the beginning, the nail would be fray, then it is more broken and layers on nail would be splitted. There are some reasons such as:

    -                People don’t have enough vitamin (mainly Iron Deficiency) or people get Hypothyroidism.

    -                People use the toxic or non – health nail remover

    -                People using gel, acrylic because the nail hardeners ingredient such as alcohols, formaldehyde can weaken the nail.

    -                People using nail polish, remover toner,… having acetone, toluene, dibutyl phthalate that would stimulate the dry and splitting nail condition.

    What do the nail workers do?

    When the nail splits, the nail technicians should:

    -                Clip the splitting part carefully.

    -                Do not clip and file the dry nail because of the worsen nail condition. The better way is clipping and filing the nail after soaking it into water. The workers should file the nail carefully to avoid more hurt. Filing the nail should go from the edge to the middle of the nail in very skillful way to limit the bad effect on the nail and it is about 180 – 240 grit.

    -                Do not use the metal tools to clear the skin epidermis.

    -                Buff the nail gently along the nail growth vertically to avoid the worsen split of the nail.

    -                Take note to protective layer on nail that it should be taking care before base coat: put an enriched oil layer to nurture the better nails. The ingredients inside the oil would fulfill the nail surface as a primer and provide the moisture to protect it against the latter layers. Over that, some nail workers also use the nail strengthener before the base coat to strengthen the structure and grow nail more healthily.

    -                Use the “eco – friendly” nail care materials, avoid harsh ones that can make the disadvantages for the customers.

    treat split nails

    Nail self-care method for customer

    When customers face the nail splitting condition, the workers should guide them to take care of them at home:

    -                Hydrate: do that more often and daily. After washing hands, put the material on nail and the epidermis around like ointment, cuticles oil (shear butter, jojoba oil, avocado oil,….) In addition, the enriched cream should have protein (keratin and collagen), petroleum, lanolin, mineral oil, alpha – hydroxyl acids, lactic acid, glycerin.

    -                Wear the gloves when it is in the home working situation with some kinds of harmful materials.

    -                Drink or use Gelatin capsules, Biotin (2,5 mg/ day) to get more essential vitamins for nurturing the strong and healthy nails, reducing the splitting nail.

    -                Have a good eating routine with rich iron, vitamin, and protein (red meat) food.

    After this time without the better improvement, you should go to see the doctor. It may be relevant to skin problems, hypothydorism, anemia,… It may also take 6 months – 1 year to recover and successfully remove the nail splitting problem.


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