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    Inada Robo Massage Chair

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    Inada Robo hybrid mechaniism 

    Surpasses Human Hands - A hybrid of the mechanical and AI with second finger joints that realizes "massage comfort"

    The ultimate goal of a massage chair is to catch up with and surpass professional human masssage techniques. In order to realize this, there is a need to reproducce the movements of human hands and suprass human massage techniques. Inada started learning from human beings at an early state and continued research on teh movement of human hands, finally succeeding in the development of a mechanism having first and second finger joints. What is required next is the rhythm of movement. 

    When a professional massage practitioner performs a massage, the rhythm varies according to muscle stiffness and difference in physical constitution and the massage is performed on those having stiff muscles and not just in a strong manner but deeply and slowly, and once unstiffed, chaning to rhythmic movements. Like with any industry, there are good professional massage practitioners and poor ones, and this difference is due to technique. While humans can control their han movements by their intelligence, our massage robots can master and reproduce subtle movements as if a professional massage practitioner is performing a massage. 


    Inada Robo massage chair artificial intelligence

    The AI Hybrid mechanism won the battle with humans! 

    Robo was born crom the concept of "surpassing humans hands". The AI hybrid mechanism has made serious inroads in teh manipulative therapy of long expereienced massage profesionals, and has finally come out on top. 

    Surveys on massage conducted from among 616 men and women in their twenties to seventies, and 30 surveys were extracted from them to donduct qualitative research in a comparion of technique and comfort between practitioners and Robo. After receiving a 15 minute massage of teh neck and shoulders, lower back, arms and soles and calves areas were evaluated and a somprehensive evaluation in consideration of convenience, tec.., was scored out of 100 points. 


    Inada Robot stiffness detection

    AI detect muscle siffness and massage according to your physical condition. 

    According to the muscles's shape and size of the person receiving the massage and the level of muscle stiffness at that moment in time, the artifical intelligence mechanism adjusts the massage operation to optimal strength and time. The speed of movement of the rollers are controlled according to the load received from the rollers during a massage, so that siffened areas are massaged deeply and slowly, and once unsiffened, massage rhythically.  

    By simply sitting down on the main body, the shitsu points of each family member are automatically searched for and identified. 

    The "adjust-sensor automatic shiatsu point search system" automatically detects shiatsu points over the whole body of each family member regardless of height, body type and otehr difference among individuals. With thorough knowledge of the body type of the person sitting in Robo, roller positions are adjusted so that a massage operation can be perormed at accurate points. 

    Inada Robo 3 dimensional roller 

    Five-finger kneading massage - Air cells gently hold forearms to unstiffen the entire arm. 

    The mechanism moves at a maxium stroke of approx. 17cm so that shiatsu points an be massaged regardless of height difference. 

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