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Mulany MB8001 Golden Rutilated Quartz Fox Charm Healing Bracelet

Brand: Mulany

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Golden rutilated quartz bracelet is expertly hand crafted and made from smooth gold rutilated quartz beads. These rutilated quartz stones are very high quality with dense strands of rutile throughout the stone. The golden rutilated quartz can aid with the phenomenon of “phantom pain” when the part of the body is removed, and yet is still perceived. The crystal also helps in stimulating hair growth and used to help in preventing hair loss. The golden rutilated quartz also removes anxiety, fears, and self-constrictions and facilitate transitions, providing a solution to any current problems. It also acts as an anti-depressant, soothing dark mood.

Fox pendant: fortune, luck, wisdom, beauty, intelligence, adaptability, and opportunity.The easy charm and smooth confidence of fox people wins people over.

  • Handmade item
  • Bead size: 10mm
  • Materials: Gemstone
  • Gemstone: Rutilated Quartz
  • Charm: Fox
  • Made to Order


Each of our healing jewelry is unique, handmade and is designed with specific powers to each Feng Shui element. All of our gemstones are chosen carefully by our experts and experienced designers. Our healing crystals are rated highest grade and they contain powerful healing energies that bring you peace and serenity. We guarantee you full satisfaction and value for your money. We inspect every piece of jewelry and make sure it follows our strict internal standards of quality control.


Products specifications
Feng Shui Elements Metal, Earth
Gender Women
Charm Fox
Bead Size 10 Millimeters
Material Gemstone
Gemstone Rutilated Quartz
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