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Mulany MB8021 Jade Stone With Dzi Charm Healing Bracelet

Brand: Mulany

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Jade is also linked with abundance and good fortune, which is why it makes an excellent stone for business owners to wear for attracting money. Jade gemstones are known for manifesting good luck and prosperity. Rooted in Asian cultures, jade is considered a powerful lucky charm that brings harmony.

Jade reduces self-imposed limitations, enhances ability to embrace personal ambitions, ideals and desires in order to facilitate their realization. It is associated with the Heart Chakra.

Known as the stone of good luck, it the perfect gemstone to give to someone who is starting a new business or a new job. Jade helps with prosperity, well being and promotes gratitude and joy.

Jade is also believed to promote wisdom, balance, peace and harmony. It helps with dysfunctional relationships, self-loathing and improves self-confidence.

Dzi beads (pronounced “ji”, meaning “brightness”) are gemstone charms that are highly worshipped in Tibet and the Himalaya mountain range. Having been transferred from one generation to the next, over thousands of years, Tibetan culture highly reveres the Dzi beads and treats them as mystical charms. It is known as the “Heavenly Stone” by Tibetans, because of the legendary story of how the demi-gods discarded the Dzi Beads once they were scratched in the slightest way. There are many other legends and tales surrounding the powers of the Dzi beads lucky charms, which originate from Tibetan folklore.

  • Handmade item
  • Bead size: 10mm
  • Materials: Gemstone & Silver 925
  • Gemstone: Green Jade
  • Charm: Dzi
  • Made to Order
Products specifications
Feng Shui Elements Wood, Water
Gender Women
Charm Dzi
Bead Size 10 Millimeters
Material Gemstone
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