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    Pink Snow Flake Nail Art

    Pink Snow Flake Nail Art

    Snowflakes mark the fantastic holiday season with Christmas just around the corner. Exhibiting the best snowflake designs in the nail art is indeed one classic act. Only a few years ago, the most delicate nail art could only be attained at salons or from professional nail artists.  Today, the trend is so common that only a little practice can help you relish the professional nail art look in no time. Conventionally, snowflakes are made by artists in cool colors such as the shades of blue and purple.  However, pink snowflakes are a rage these days and a trend that has just emerged recently.  Let our step by step guide to help you create some perfect snowflake pattern on your nails to kick start the holiday season with unique bravura.

    Full Nail Pink Snow Flake Nail Art:

    Full nail snow flake design is meant to make the snowflakes look eminent on your nails. It looks like an intricate pattern, but with the steps mentioned below, you will find it to be a simple design to recreate at home.


    •         Choose some base color in light shades. Using a thicker brush will offer you the luxury of an even coat.
    •         The base is ready, and now it’s time to draw some perfect snowflakes. Use some thin brush with dark pink color to highlight the snowflake on the light base. Conversely, you can use a dark pink base and use white color to create flakes.
    •         Use your thin brush to make a cross.
    •         Cut this cross with another straight line.
    •         Now mark two arrow heads on each line away from the center point.
    •         Repeat the process thrice to highlight the snowflake.
    •         Once you are happy with your snow flake, spray it with clear water repellent to help it last longer on your nails.
    •         Spilling some glitter will enhance the elegance.

    Follow the above steps to relish the unique pink snowflakes nail art at your home with the assistance of your besties. Alternate the pink base with other light colors like purple or yellow. Whatever the base is, the result will be an eye catching snowflake nail art.

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