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Gulfstream: User-Friendly Shopping for Every Spa Owner!

Running a business is hard. And specifically salon and spas…They’re comfort-oriented businesses. And they require expensive infrastructure to setup… For starters, you need a brick and mortar location. You then need 1000s of dollars in salon chairs, electronics, and proper interior design.

Add to that skilled employees. After all, a spa doesn’t run itself. Basically – you need to make the job easier. And it all starts with the shopping. You need a brand that sells salon products, for good prices, while offering you a quality service. And one we recommend is “Gulfstream Inc.”

What Makes Them Special?

This is a Canadian brand that’s well-reviewed and liked. And they don’t just offer good products. They also “present themselves” in a way that makes shopping easier…That is, they take care of all common inquiries, consumer needs, and shopping times before you make a single request… And they do it perfectly through their website. In fact, this is what we’ll show you today!

First – Product Organization.

Gulfstream Inc. is meticulous in its product categorization. Specifically, they have 12 product categories. Because they don’t just sell full salon sets. They also sell spare parts too! But speaking of sets – they do differentiate by model types.


You’ll notice they divide massage chair parts into 2 categories. This being the “9620” and “9660.” Both chairs’ parts differ in electronics, washing components, wiring, and even comfort. They’re pedicure spa styles, with hundreds of dollars in price gaps. Thus, they suit different budgets and priorities. Also, with Gulf Stream, you can quickly find the parts that suit what you own. So no need to sift through many unnecessary items!

Another Trait – Detailed Dropdown Menus.

Gulf Stream has managed to successfully list most of its products in “dropdown style.” And this is an advantage. It means easily reaching the products you want, without jumping through multiple tabs! Also – it gives you a chance to “quick view” the number of models available. And trust us, they’re a lot!

Second – Multiple Pedicure Units.

Did you know that Gulf Stream has 20+ pedicure units? Many businesses don’t sell that much. At most, they may have 4 or 5, and with some aesthetic options to choose from. But this brand is different. Gulf Stream gives you many units, and as different “subcategories” too! 

Specifically, you get…

•Children Spas.

•Single Pedicure Units.

•Waterdance Pedicure Units.

•Portable Units.


Luxurious desgins

Some of Gulfstream pedicure chairs are rated most luxurious.

Venice pedicure chair with waterdance system

Ampro pedicure chair with LED lights

La Fleur pedicure chair with classic design

Lavender pedicure chair with wood base

The pedicure units cost $2300 to $4000. And beyond price, they differ in aesthetics and functionality.

 Gulfstream Venice, Ampro, La Fleur and Lavender pedicure spas

So again – you get options.

All of their units contain the basics of a luxury spa. That is – cushioned seats, with beautiful colors, plus immaculate bowls and jet systems. Regardless of the price you pay, you get a good deal. And they’re not expensive at all by market standards!

Third – FAQs.

FAQs ease shopping. After all, when buying units and spare parts, there’s delivery. And many of those items are “fragile,” requiring proper freight tracking… Plus – there’s the installation. And that’s not something you do alone. Instead, you do it with specialist help. With Gulfstream Inc., you get an “FAQ” section that guides you on shipment/installation. You can map out what to expect from the company, in terms of obligations and services offered 

Time to Start Shopping.

Few brands offer what Gulfstream has. It’s detailed, customer-caring, and it tells you what to expect. And you can’t ask for more than that in a spa product supplier… There’s nothing more to wait for. find their products, and setup your spa now!

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