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Need Luxury Pedicure Units? Make Sure You Get Them From J&A!

There are dozens of pedicure suppliers on the market. Each offers something special. It’s either their lineup, the way they structure their services, or their brand personality. With J & A – you get all the previous!

How So?

This is a “luxury pedicure unit” provider. That is, their models are quality. They’re the chairs you see in “high ranking hotels” and expensive “cruiser liners.” So setting up your salon with their pedicure units is a good idea! But for now – let’s focus on the shopping experience. We’ll talk you through a walkthrough on how J&A USA Inc. present their products. And we’d like to note, they do have their pros and cons. We’ll mention both, giving you a verdict on their efficacy!

First – Detailed Visual Explanations.

When browsing through most online catalogs – you’ll find the product descriptions in text. That is, they’re more “bullet points” than they are photos. However, J&A takes the opposite approach…They present their products with quality images first, and text second. And this makes their catalogue high quality and attractive!

Example – Cleo AX Chair.

Just look at how the product description is laid out. The page starts with a far snapshot of the chair, giving you its full look. From there, while scrolling down, you get the details… You get accurate (but quality) images of different features! They include everything from remotes, to armrests, and even the chair spare parts! Plus, did we mention that you get an online manual? You can see all the chair’s specs, its operation, and maintenance procedures immediately! It’s a smart approach to marketing a pedicure unit. Because it gives you (the buyer) accurate expectations at a glance!

However – A Drawback.

It’s hard getting an immediate price checks on pedicure units. If you sift through the previous link, you’ll see that clearly. The unit’s price is nowhere to be found. And this is a struggle for budget buyers… After all – you can’t quickly evaluate whether you want the unit or not. And this forces you to wait a few hours (or days) – just to get a quote on the chair’s price. And do note that this issue doesn’t only apply to pedicure units. It carries over to their furniture lineup too!

But Isn’t There a Cart?

No, it’s nowhere to be seen. However, some items will redirect you to a “subsidiary websites” of J&A (https://www.toepia.com/). This seems to be their checkout website. It looks quite incomplete, and some items listed there aren’t on their main site… So again – that’s something to look out for.  But negatives aside, let’s look more at the positives.


Second – Professional Selections.

Look at the furniture/unit choices of J&A. Immediately, you’ll notice their care for style…Their lineups aren’t flamboyant at all. Instead, they’re neutral. They look like units you’d find in a luxury spa. They don’t look childish or over the top. So they’re professional looks – presenting your business in the best light! And for that reason, you’ll notice that their furniture lineup is a bit “small.”

How So?

Visit their furniture page. And the first observation is – they only have 9 pieces. That’s a small furniture lineup, when compared to competitors. In fact, it’s so small, that J&A has more pedicure units than furniture! Now granted, they come with many color options. But this low number exists, due to their standard for design. So you won’t get a buffet of “items” to sift through. However, this is made up for in quality…


And if You Think About It…

Isn’t a small furniture lineup better for shopping? It eliminates analysis paralysis, doesn’t it? With limited options, you can immediately pick and setup your salon. No waits, and no regrets for missing pieces!


Final Critique.

Here’s the thing. J&A has an amazing lineup of pedicure units and furniture. But they seem to lack in the accessory department. That is, if you visit that tab, you won’t find anything there…So it seems to be an “incomplete part of their service.” Add to that the issue of their cart, checkout system, and price quotes. So the process of buying might be a problem. But overall, choosing them means selecting a brand that sells luxury. Be sure to check out their website, and learn more!


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