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    Top 10 Pedicure Chair Reviews

    Pedicure chairs are a key piece of equipment in salons and if you’re just starting out your business experience, or you’re just looking for an upgrade, then you’ll probably find yourself purchasing multiple pedicure chairs. Now, given how expensive they are, you want to make sure that you find the right chair that can fulfil your needs before you place a huge order.

    Of course, as with any product, there are lots of different pedicure chairs available and with consideration to the hefty price tag attached and the different features that are available, it’s going to be a difficult decision to make regardless of how you choose to approach it.

    To help you out with this decision, we are going to be discussing some of the things to consider when looking at pedicure chairs, some of the best pedicure chairs available on the market, and everything that you need to know before you make the purchase – so, let’s get right into it.

    What to Look for in a Pedicure Chair

    The first thing that we’re going to briefly discuss is some of the things to look at when selecting a pedicure chair for your salon. Most of these things are important to consider regardless of whether you select a pedicure chair from our list below or from your own research, so keep them in mind while you make your decision.

    Piped or Pipe-less.There are benefits to both types of pedicure chair so when you are deciding which chair to get, balance the pros and cons of each type. On one hand, pipe-less chairs are modern, efficient, and a lot more comforting sight than traditional chairs. Whereas piped chairs are known as reliable to many customers and in some cases, are the cheaper option.

    Manufacturers.Knowing which manufacturers produce the best chairs isn’t something that all salon owners know off the back of their hand, although doing some research to find out which manufacturers are reliable can go a long way. By doing so, you can see which are the most popular, their reviews, and look at the different pedicure chairs that they have to offer. Always consider the manufacturer before you purchase a product and do some quick research on them to ensure you’re getting a high-quality product.

    Design.This might seem like something to disregard although aesthetics are important for any storefront so if you’re going to be buying a new pedicure chair for your salon, focus on chairs which will fit in with your décor.

    Cost.Assessing the cost of a pedicure chair can be difficult as you have to take into consideration the features of the chair, it’s durability, and determine whether or not the price tag is in accordance with the quality of the chair. You should also remember to have a set budget for this purchase so that you are only browsing the pedicure chairs that you can afford.

    Warranty and Maintenance.Having a warranted pedicure chair is more important than you might think at first. Unlike other salon products, pedicure chairs have a lot of moving pieces and have fairly complex machinery. Thus, it’s not a rare occurrence for parts to break after a few months or for a faulty product to be shipped. Look into the warranty of each pedicure chair that you’re considering so that you know you’re getting the best deal possible.

    Now that you’re aware of what to look for, it’s time to get right into it. Below, we have thoroughly detailed 10 of the best pedicure chairs out there so that you can make your decision and put your salon in the best place possible.

    #1 – Lexor Luminous Pedicure Chair
    Price: $2,995

    Lexor Luminous Pedicure Chair Review

    Lexor is a company who are known for producing high-quality salon equipment and when it comes to their salon chairs, they continue to maintain their high standards. They understand that their products are the best of the best and while their prices are relatively high, they offer several financial options so that you can get the hardware you require for your salon without going out of pocket.

    This pedicure chair has a modern and sleek design, has been designed with comfort in mind, and even has a built-in massage system – you simply can’t go wrong with this chair.

    -Both the cushioning and base of this salon chair are available in multiple colours.

    - A digital control system which allows you to change and view the temperature of the bowl’s water, easily adjust the chair’s positioning, and add an aurora colour fade using the bowls LEDs.
    - All purchases from this company come with a 2-year warranty.
    - Built-in footrest which blends with the design of the chair.
    - The remote control can be easily accessed by customers.
    - Includes lumbar and neck support, as well as a Lexor pillow for the customer’s head.

    -Multiple colour choices mean that if you want to purchase this chair, you can have it suit your salon’s aesthetic design.

    - Can be purchased with or without a drain pump, depending on your preference.
    - 2-year warranty; if you run into any problems within this time, you’ll have the chair inspected and fixed.
    - Free shipping; this reduces your overall costs when purchasing in bulk.

    -After you have had the Lexor Luminous Pedicure Chair for 2 years, it is your own responsibility to arrange for any repairs or maintenance that is required.

    - While this is a reasonably priced chair, considering the features that it includes, it’s above the average price.

    #2 – Gulfstream La Maravilla Pedicure Chair 
    Price: $4,995

    La Maravilla spa pedicure chair review

    Taking things a step further, the Gulfstream La Maravilla Pedicure Chair is one of the most luxurious pedicure chairs out there and while it’s worth the price, you’ll definitely be breaking the bank if this is your first choice for a new salon.

    Now, one of the main focuses with this chair’s elegant design isn’t only that its comfortable, but that it’s easy for salon workers to clean. This is, of course, an essential aspect to keep in mind. The less time that your workers spend cleaning equipment, the more time they can spend focussing on your clients and earning more money!

    - Comes with a glass foot bowl which can be ordered in a range of different colours.

    - Built-in footrest which can be adjusted for your client’s comfort.
    - Flip-up equipment tray that can be removed if it isn’t required.
    - Carved wooden chair base, available with several different finishes.
    - Integrated back massage system.
    - The chair’s basin is equipped with an IDJet Whirlpool System; one of the most effective jets out there.
    - All of the chair’s features can be controlled using the remote control.

    -Already equipped with a footrest.

    - Elegant design, showing your customers that you offer a high-quality level of service.
    - Given that there are a range of different colours and finishes available, you can order this chair accordingly with your salon’s interior design.
    - Equipment tray makes it easy for your staff to access their equipment, making them more efficient.

    -Extremely expensive chair, making it an unideal choice for start-up salons.

    - Depending on what services you offer at your salon, this may be too advanced for what you’re looking for and a lot of its features may be useless to you.

    #3 – J&A Lenox Pedicure Chair
    Price: varies depending on your design selections

    Lenox spa chair review

    While not the most glamorous chair on this list, the J&A Lenox Pedicure Chair is one of the simpler chairs which get’s the job done while ensuring comfort for your customers, as well as easier cleaning for your staff.

    The luxurious glass basin is fitted with a pipeless whirlpool system so that during your customer’s salon experience, their feet will be numbed with a sensational massage. If you’re looking for a chair that is efficient, doesn’t require too much maintenance, and will ensure customer satisfaction while they receive their pedicures, this is the chair for you.

    -Removable footrest which can be easily adjusted for your clients.

    - Glass basin comes pre-installed with a dual function spout.
    - The leather, base of the chair, and the glass bowl are available in different colours and styles.
    - A satin-finish has been applied to the cherry wood armrest, adding an extra touch of elegance.
    - A remote is used for the customer to control the chair’s features, putting them in full control of their salon experience.
    - Armrests are located on both sides of the chair.

    -The glass basin, as well as the Magna jet pipeless jet motor, are both easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing.

    - Given that the three main parts of the chair can be ordered in different colours, you can ensure that the chair fits in with your salon’s décor.
    - When unused, the armrests can be folded away.
    - The shower spout makes it easy to clean client’s feet.
    - A simple chair, thus incredibly easy to use for first-time salon workers.

    -The base of this pedicure chair is only available in two colours (Prestige Grey and Sahara Gold).

    - While elegant and simplistic, it lacks unique features.

    #4 – Pedispa America Cloud 9 Pedicure Chair
    Price: $2,495

    pedispa america cloud 9 pedicure chair review

    Next on our list is the Pedispa America Cloud 9 Pedicure Chair – a chair which will quite literally put your customers on cloud nine. This chair comes in a lot of different colours and designs, has a pipeless jet system, and is incredibly flexible which allows you to finetune the specific features of the chair to comfort your customers as best you can.

    One unique aspect of this chair is that attached to the armrest is a remote control system. While the remote control itself isn’t unique, it is fitted to face customer and can be removed for your salon workers to use it if necessary. This adds to the customer’s experience and puts them in the driver’s seat if that’s what they want.

    -Reasonably priced in comparison to other chairs.

    - All designs can be browsed online and can be ordered at the tip of your fingers.
    - Adjustable footrest to allow for customers to enhance their salon experience while making it easier for your employees to satisfy each customer’s needs.
    - Pipeless jet system, making it quick and easy for employees to clean.
    - All designs come with a 1-year warranty.

    -Multiple designs are available meaning that if this is the pedicure chair that you want for your salon, you can select a design which fits in with the rest of your salon equipment.

    - The pipeless jet system means that salon workers don’t need to spend as much time cleaning and can focus their efforts elsewhere.
    - Pedicure chairs aren’t exempt from breaking and should the Cloud 9 chair break, the warranty will cover you.
    - The remote control makes it easy for both customers and salon workers to change the chair’s settings.
    - Includes a wide variety of other versatile features.

    -Very basic chair and thus, a lack of unique pedicure chair features.

    - Dull chair design, although simplistic.

    #5 – LC Deco Z-550 Pedicure Chair
    Price: $2,150

    Z550 pedicure chair review

    The Z-550 pedicure chair by LC Deco is a unique chair in its own way and has a one-of-a-kind design that we have never seen in a pedicure chair before. The structure of the chair has been created using steel and fibreglass, allowing for the sleek design that you will see when you click on the link above, and it is definitely one of the more luxurious chairs that are available – considering the low price tag which is attached, this is a chair that goes above and beyond.

    The Z-550 is one of the newest pedicure chairs from the LC Deco Z collection which comes with armrests, a very flexible massage system for both back and legs, a spray hose, a footrest, and the chair itself is available in a few different colour schemes. One of the more unique features that this chair has to offer is the adjustable armrests which can be pushed up or down in order to make it easier for customers to sit down.

    -Adjustable footrest.

    - Both armrests can be adjusted.
    - Spray hose for cleaning the basin.
    - Each chair component (e.g. leather, base, and basin) comes in a variation of colours.
    - Wheels attached to the bottom of the chair.

    -Cheap, basic, and ideal for any small or start-up salons.

    - Cleaning is incredibly easy with the help of the spray hose.
    - Given that the chair has wheels already attached, moving it around isn’t difficult.
    - Pipe-less jet system providing a better foot massage and a cleaner pedicure chair.
    - The footrest can be adjusted to suit the customer’s preference.

    -A very simple pedicure chair which includes a very basic set of features.

    #6 – Continuum Maestro Pedicure Chair
    Price: $11,250

    Continuum Maestro Pedicure Chair Review

    Let’s start by saying that the Maestro Pedicure Chair from Continuum is without a doubt the most expensive that we’ve listed in this article, but if you aren’t on a tight budget and you can afford to buy a couple of these for your salon, it may be worth the investment. Starting with the design, while there isn’t a lot of flexibility regarding the different colours that this chair is available in, there are a few and regardless of which finish you choose, it’ll undoubtedly suit your salon’s interior design.

    Aside from the multiple finishes that are available, this chair comes with two sets of controls (one for the customer and one for the pedicurist), the chair can be adjusted to make sure that your customers are comfortable, and every chair comes accompanied by a stool for your staff to sit on while they tend to each of your customer’s needs. To top it off, there are foot rollers built into the basin for added leg support.

    As we mentioned before, while you might be disheartened by the price tag attached to this chair (which is a minimum of $11,250, before any additional features that you might inquire about), there’s no doubting that it’s still a fantastic chair which is worthy of such a heavy price tag.

    -Full side panels so that your other customers can’t see the chairs plumbing.

    - Manicure trays which come with cup holders.
    - The jet system is magnetic and pipe-less, making the basin easy to clean.
    - A built-in massage system which provides both a heated seat and massage vibrations.
    - The basin is equipped with an autofill feature making it easy for your staff to fill up basins.
    - Chair’s frame has been designed using steel, ensuring the chair’s strength.
    - Both your staff and customers can control the chair’s functions using the dual remote system.

    -A very unique, modern, and sleek pedicure chair design.

    - Dual controls allow the customer to get comfortable while the pedicurist adjusts the chair for the customer’s needs.
    - The built-in heating system drastically improves the massage system.
    - Autofill allows your staff to prepare other customers while they wait for the basin to fill.

    -Incredibly expensive, especially if you are purchasing multiple of them and require any additional features.

    - This chair’s basin is larger than most pedicure chair’s basins, making it harder to clean properly.
    - Limited colour schemes available.

    #7 – T4 Stella Pedicure Chair 
    Price: $3,500

    T4 Stella Spa Chair Review

    While not the most glamorous looking pedicure chair that T4 Spa has to offer, the Stella Pedicure Chair is definitely one of the best and is very flexible when it comes to the features that it has to offer. Starting with the design, you can select from a range of different chair colours, bowl colours, and can even go as far as choosing whether or not you want a jet system.

    Customization is clearly important to the manufacturers, T4, as you are not only able to customize the colours of the different components of the chair but also the type of jet system that is used, whether or not you want a discharge drain pump, and what type of massage system you want.

    -Multiple massage systems available.

    - The optional jet system can be installed.
    - Glass bowl that comes in three different colours (gold, crystal, or nickel).
    - Very straight-forward and basic pedicure chair.
    - Rotating armrests.
    - LED lights to make the glass bowl light up.
    - All chairs come with a matching stool for your attending staff.

    -All of the T4 Stella Pedicure Chairs come with a one-year warranty.

    - When you purchase more than 4 of this pedicure chair you receive free shipping.
    - Adjustable footrest.
    - Optional features (e.g. the jet system and discharge draining pump) allow you to make the chair cheaper if you’re on a budget but this pedicure chair appeals to you.
    - Stainless steel and glass materials that are used make it easy to keep clean.

    -Pricier than some of the other chairs that are available, especially if you require the additional features.

    - This pedicure chair’s design isn’t too aesthetically pleasing.

    #8 – Whale Spa Alden Crystal Pedicure Chair 
    Price: $3,500

    Alden Crystal Spa Chair Review

    Next, we have the Whale Spa Alden Crystal pedicure chair, one of the most elite and glamourous pedicure chairs that you can get at the moment. Not only does it look luxurious, but when you order the chair you are given full control over the features that it includes. From the basic features such as choosing the colour of the chair’s leather and basin to more advanced features such as a magnet jet and a built-in air system – you can have this chair delivered to your salon exactly as you want it.

    The sleek glass bowl not only increases how amazing this chair looks, but it also makes it much easier for you and your staff to clean. To top it off, given that this chair has been made using leather, it’s also very easy to wipe down after each customer.

    -Comes with a pedicure stool for manicurists to sit on while treating customers.

    - Adjustable footrests.
    - Optional air vent system.
    - The magnetic jet system can be requested.
    - Optional discharge pump.
    - A wide range of different leather, basin, and trim colours available.

    -Free pedicure stool.

    - Built-in massage system so that you can take your customer’s experience to a luxurious level.
    - USB port gives your customers the option to charge their mobile phones or tablets during their treatments; essential for lengthy massages or pedicure treatments.
    - All chairs come with a free 2-year warranty.
    - The design is perfected with a sleek wooden armrest.

    -While not incredibly expensive, this is definitely priced higher than some of the other pedicure chairs on this list.

    #9 – Fiori 800 Spa Chair 
    Price: $2,694

    Fiori 8000 Spa Chair Review

    The Fiori 800 Spa Chair is different to the others on this list as it is designed for massaging customers rather than acting as a pedicure chair although, nonetheless, it’s a fantastic chair which could open up a whole new line of services for your customers to enjoy.

    With the built-in pneumatic system, your customers can feel all of their stresses fade away as their entire body is massaged and their entire body is put into a state of relaxation. So that your staff don’t have to sit by your customer’s side throughout the entire treatment, there is a remote control that is very user-friendly allowing for your customers to have full control over the massage.

    -Connected remote control for customers to adjust the chair’s settings.

    - Financing available.
    - Zero-gravity allowing for blood circulation to be improved as well as spine realignment.
    - The chair’s vibration intensity and speed can both be adjusted.
    - Built-in heat therapy making muscles relax, thus, enhancing the massage.

    -If you are purchasing multiple of the Fiori 800 Spa Chair, you can get a quantity discount (perfect for start-up salons!).

    - A lot of padding ensures that anyone who sits in the Fiori spa chair is as comfortable as possible.
    - With the remote control, the customer can adjust the chair’s vibrations to suit their own comfort.
    - Free shipping to anywhere in the USA.
    - Financing is available so that if you want to get your hands on one of these spa chairs but don’t have the funds available, you can get one with financing.

    -A very bulky spa chair meaning that if you don’t have a lot of space available, you may not be able to make this purchase.

    #10 – Spatech Cadi Pedicure Chair 
    Price: $2,200

    Spatech Cadi Pedicure Chair Review

    Last on our list, we have the Spatech Cadi pedicure chair; one of the less expensive, but luxurious, pedicure chairs on the market. Having just been released in 2017, this is one of the newer pedicure chairs available and you can be sure that it comes with all of the modern features that you’d expect in a pedicure chair nowadays.

    From the different selections of leather that are available to the easily cleanable glass bowl, and even an adjustable footrest – this is a pedicure chair that has everything you would expect, and even more! There’s no doubting that after browsing through the different features that this pedicure chair has to offer it’ll be one of your top considerations (especially if you’re looking for a chair that’s worth the money!).

    -Easily removable strengthened glass bowl.

    - The base, leather, and bowl are all available in different colours.
    - Leather padded chair, ensuring that your customers are comfortable.
    - A range of massage features.
    - Adjustable footrest.
    - Hardwood armrests.
    - Sleek and modern design.

    -The manufacturer allows you to change the different component’s colours to suit your salon’s interior.

    - Very cheap and reasonably priced, making this pedicure chair ideal for new salons that are on a tight budget.
    - A glass bowl is a lot easier to clean than typical porcelain bowls.
    - The chair’s leather backing can be easily removed and cleaned.
    - Produced using high-quality materials, ensuring a long life-span.
    - Built-in massage features to enhance your customer’s salon experience.

    -While the hardwood armrests are aesthetically pleasing, they aren’t comfortable for customers to reset their arms on during their pedicure.

    To Conclude…

    Now that you’ve read our review of the top 10 pedicure chairs that are currently available on the market, you can be sure to get yourself the best deal possible. Let’s face it – a lot of pedicure chairs are very similar and the main thing that you’ll end up focussing your attention on is the design and whether or not it’ll fit in with your salon, and that’s completely fine. However, it’s always worth taking the extra time to compare a few different chairs that have caught your eye and compare the extra features that they have to offer, whether or not different colour schemes are available, and above all, make sure that you’re getting the most out of your money.

    Regardless of which chair you choose from our list above, you can be assured that you’re getting a good deal on a chair that will ensure your customers have a memorable experience.

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