Ampyon LI-2000 UHF Wireless Microphone

Brand: Ampyon
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Introducing the Ampyon LI-2000 Dual-Channel Wireless Karaoke Microphones - the perfect audio companion to elevate your karaoke experience and unleash your inner superstar! Designed for superior sound quality and extended range, these microphones ensure you captivate your audience every time.

Key Features:

  1. Unmatched Wireless Range: Enjoy the freedom to move and engage with your audience, thanks to an impressive 100-meter (328 feet) wireless range that sets you free from the constraints of cables and wires.

  2. Dual-Channel Connectivity: Our advanced dual-channel system allows for simultaneous use of two microphones, making it ideal for duets, group performances, and lively karaoke parties.

  3. High-Fidelity Sound: Ampyon LI-2000 microphones boast dynamic audio quality, delivering crystal-clear vocals with minimal interference, ensuring every note shines through for an unforgettable performance.

  4. Easy Compatibility: Seamlessly connect the microphones to your favorite karaoke system, PA system, or amplifier with the included wireless receiver, ensuring hassle-free setup and compatibility with a wide range of devices.

  5. Durable, Ergonomic Design: Crafted with a robust, stylish design, these microphones are built to last and feature an ergonomic grip for comfortable, extended use during your most passionate performances.

  6. Adjustable Volume Controls: Easily adjust the volume of each microphone independently, allowing for perfect audio balance and customized control during duets and group performances.

  7. Long Battery Life: Powered by AA batteries, these microphones offer hours of uninterrupted performance, ensuring you stay in the spotlight without worrying about battery life.

  8. Advanced Noise Reduction: StarPower's cutting-edge noise reduction technology minimizes background noise, focusing on the clarity and power of your voice for a captivating and professional-sounding performance.

  9. Versatile Applications: Not just for karaoke enthusiasts, these microphones are also perfect for presentations, conferences, and live performances, providing consistent audio quality across various settings.

Upgrade your karaoke experience with the Ampyon LI-2000 Dual-Channel Wireless Karaoke Microphones, designed to support your passion for singing and ensure a captivating performance that leaves your audience mesmerized.



  • Channels:100×2
  • Modulation Mode:FM(PLL)
  • Bandwidth: 60MHz
  • Frequency Stability:±10ppm
  • Sensitivity :-95~-67dBm
  • Frequency:50Hz - 15KHz
  • Signal-to-noise ratio(S/N): >105dB(A)
  • THD(1kDz): <0.3%
  • Harmonic distortion:≤0.5%
  • Noise ratio :≥110dB
  • Output:balanced or mixing
  • Transmitting power:3-30mW
  • Battery type:
  • Power:100-240V 50-60Hz 12VDC or 220VAC/50-60HZ 12VDC
  • Power consumption:≤8W
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