10 Best Massage Chairs 2021
(0) 10 Best Massage Chairs 2021
Buying a new massage chair? If so, keep reading…Massage chairs are expensive furniture items. You pay anywhere from $500 to $9000....
Massage Chair Review: Luraco i7 Plus vs. JPmedics Kumo
(0) Massage Chair Review: Luraco i7 Plus vs. JPmedics Kumo

Today, we’ve got two unique chairs. Both are pricey. Both are massage chairs. Yet, both are excellent. But we’re putting them against one another, and for a reason…That is – they both use similar technologies. Yet, there’s a massive price gap between both chairs!

The Basics.

One chair uses 3D rollers motion (Luraco i7), and the other uses 4D (JPMedicss kumo). If you didn’t know, 4D is the best roller technology on the massage chair market…Yet, there’s a $2500 price gap between each chair!

Guess Which Chair’s Pricier?

It’s the Luraco i7, which has inferior technology. It doesn’t make sense, right? After all, you’d expect a 3D chair to cost (much) less than a 4D version. Basically, the Luraco i7 Plus is the more expensive of the two – at $9000 new. Alternatively, the JPMedics Kumo price midrange – at $6500 new.


So Fujimedic is Better?

It’s definitely cheaper. But that doesn’t make it better…Anyway, that’s why we have this review. We want to analyze the $2500 price difference. We’d like to know the reasons behind it…For Example): Is it a brand name thing? It is it superior quality? Or is it a pricing error by manufacturers? Keep reading to find out!


First – More Roller Analysis.

Thus far, the first trait we mentioned were the rollers. One has 3D, and the other has 4D. However, the roller differences don’t stop here. Fujimedic continues to outperform Luraco with an extra feature…That would be “roller heating.” And this means warmer massaging. The rollers now press on your back, while providing a “targeted warming effect”! This aids in muscle relaxation. It smoothens out tense muscles for an effective massage. Plus, with the 4D tech, you can rotate rollers in odd angles. And this lets you effectively massage “hard to reach” spots! But speaking of heating, that’ll be our next point…


Second – Heating Comparison.

So the Fujimedic chair has heated rollers…But this irrelevant, where the Luraco i7 has fully-body heating! And if you think about it, full heating is superior. After all, targeted heating does make for an odd massage experience…Part of your bodies stay cold – while others are warm. Thus, you get an uneven heat distribution. And in cold environments, it makes you shiver non-stop!


Fujimedic Fun Fact.

Did you know their chair was designed with “Chinese acupuncture” in-mind? That’s why you get heated rollers. It’s a way of focusing “sensory pressure” onto your back and necks…So in reality, those heated rollers aren’t for luxury. They’re more to suit a specific style of massaging!


The Verdict.

In the heating department, the Luraco i7 wins. But still, that doesn’t make up for its inferior roller technology…However, there’s more to a chair than rollers. So let’s move to the third point.


Third – Track Type.

Fujimedic uses an “L-Track.” That is, it uses one continuous track from the neck to hamstrings. Additionally, it provides separate rollers in the foot rest for leg massages. Luraco i7 doesn’t give info on its roller type. But, it mentions its massages as encompassing the same areas as Fujimedic. So they’re both equal in that regard.


Nice to Know.

Actually, it’s vital to know. Why pay $6500 to $9000 for chairs that don’t give full massages? If you’re getting less than that, you shouldn’t spend more than $3000!


Fourth – Chair Dimensions.

They matter, and for a reason. They define who can (and cannot) use each chair. Some chairs have weight limits on them. There are also height limits, specifically for the “headrest” and “footrest” extensions. We’ll shows those limits by listing specs below.

 Luraco i7 massage chair specs and review

Luraco i7 Plus Specs.

•47 x 38 x 81 inches.

•265 lbs. assembled weight.

•Suitable for heights (4’ 7”) to (6’ 7”).

•Suitable for up to 300 lbs. of weight.

 Fujimedic massage chair review

Fujimedic Kumo Specs.

•62.2 x 33.1 x 47.6 inches.

•Assembled weight (not available).

•Height and weight range (not available).



The Fujimedic chair doesn’t provide enough information on its specs. But we believe that its “dimensions” are enough…It gives us info on what the chair can tolerate. For starters, note the major height differences. That is 81 vs. 62 inches – in favor of Luraco i7. The Fujimedic chair is almost 25% shorter than Luraco. So expect it to accommodate shorter heights on average… That is, people exceeding 6’ 4” might struggle. Then there’s weight. Luraco i7 can tolerate up to 300 lbs. (or gross obesity). But we don’t assume Fujimedic’s capacity to be that high. With less mass, the chair will strain (possibly collapse) from use by heavier folk.


The Verdict.

Over all, the Luraco i7 seems to suit a wider market. It’s also heavier, which give it more advantages over Fujimedic. Why? Because heaviness means durability. Also, heavier chairs tend to be “technologically equipped” and “highly padded” too! And third, big chairs are cozier. Psychologically, they give you a deeper feeling of security. However, note that this heaviness has a drawback. That is, the Luraco i7 is more difficult to move around. So before assembling one, make sure you carefully plan its location!


Fifth – Entertainment Options.

They matter with a massage chair. After all, they’re used for relaxation. And part of being relaxed involves entertainment…This can be anything, from reading a book, to sipping a hot drink.


Available Options.

Unfortunately, in the entertainment department, Fujimedic fails to deliver. The Fujimedic Kumo is basically a massage chair, and nothing else. Listening to music, napping, or drinking isn’t an option. The Luraco i7 is similar in this regard. Beyond a couple of speakers, you don’t get cup holders, pockets, or anything else…



Because they have other priorities. That is, both chairs are unique in their purpose. They’re not designed with normal consumers in-mind. They’re designed for medical purposes too! We alluded to this earlier when we mentioned the “acupuncture focus” of the Fujimedic chair. As for the Luraco i7, manufacturers label it as a medical chair. And it comes with many-many functions that make it so!


Sixth – Medical Options.

Let’s focus on the Luraco i7 for now. This chair comes with a “heart rate” and “blood pressure monitor”! It’s a get-well soon chair. If you’re in a sick bed, or suffering from chronic health problems, this is your friend. And it makes it very suitable for senior citizens too!


Seven – Controls.

Alright, back to comparing both chairs. Fujimedic and Luraco have their own control systems. You may find one more suitable than the other. And each has its own advantages… For starters, Luraco i7 uses a touch-screen remote. From the outset, this gives you a wide range of customization options. You can change your massaging experience as you wish! And you’ll see that in the ability to set “5 personal user memory settings.” So you have 5 unique ways to use it! Now, the Fujimedic Kumo uses physical controls. They look quite elegant. And they’re located on the right arm (with a metallic knob and fancy remote). So it’s easily accessible. And being a part of the chair, you can’t possibly lose it. But, it gives you much less customization than the Luraco i7.



The Luraco i7’s control is technologically superior. Its touch-screen remote comes with a side pouch. So it’s easy to store. It’s also quite large, so losing it is difficult!


Eight – Aesthetics.

The final item on our list. Functionality aside, massage chairs still count as furniture. So their colors and looks matter. We mentioned specs, and in terms of size, Luraco i7 wins. That is, unless you prefer smaller furniture (where Fujimedic wins). But let’s focus on color. The Fujimedic chair is white. Immediately, that color spells luxury, which is odd since it’s the cheaper of the two…As for Luraco, it’s chocolate brown. But it’s dark, so it works well with most furniture pieces. In color, they both get a pass. Just note that the light color of Fujimedic make it hard it to clean.


Conclusion: Which Chair is Better?

The Luraco i7 is $2500 costlier. But through this article, we’ve provided sufficient justifications for that…It’s larger by 25% in height. It’s cozier, and suits more height/weight ranges. And it gives you more control options… But that doesn’t mean that Fujimedic Kumo is bad. In fact, it’s a good chair. So we could say that both chairs are good deals for their value. Especially if you’re using them for medical purposes!

Massage Chair Review: INADA DreamWave vs. Bodyfriend Pharaoh
(0) Massage Chair Review: INADA DreamWave vs. Bodyfriend Pharaoh

Want to know which chair is best? This is something we’ll answer today! You see, the INADA and Pharaoh chairs are unique. They’re high end models. So they’re not budget chairs… You need a big wallet for either. And for that reason, a review is necessary. You’ve got to know the pros and cons of each. You’ve got to know which chair is worth the price tag. Today, we’ll do just that. We’ll break down each chair, and give you a verdict on which to get!


First – Similarities.

Both chairs are pricey. The INADA chair is $9000. And the Pharaoh is $8000. That’s at the top of massage chair market range. And for reference, that’s anywhere from $500 to $10,000. So you’re buying a luxurious piece of furniture. To an extent, this nullifies the cost difference. After all, if you’re willing to spend that much, then an extra $1000 difference doesn’t matter.


Basic Feature – Heating.

Both chairs gives you seat heating. They use infrared systems. And this makes them perfect for winter use. If you live in a cold area, both chairs work well for you. However, we’d say that the INADA chair wins in this trait. Because next to seat heating, it also gives you air circulation! And this means less sweat trapped. You can feel cozy, without drenching in your own moisture!


Another Feature – ZERO Gravity.

They’re available in all massage chairs over $2000 in price. To lack that would put those chairs to shame. But luckily, they do carry those features! With ZERO Gravity, you can switch into a supine position. This lets you use get massaged without gravity affecting your spinal cord. Not to mention, it makes them perfect for naps too!



Both chairs cost as much as low-end cars. So they’re big, conspicuous, and heavy. The INADA chair shipping weight is 367 lbs. (166 KG). And the Pharaoh’s is 390 lbs. (177KG). For perspective, a large fridge is anywhere from 250 to 400 lbs. And those are hard enough to move around…Those chairs are extremely heavy. And this means that after installation, they stay where they are. Both are getting shipped by expert handlers. And to change their positions, you’ll need assistance. So when buying either, you need a planned location. That’ll be a recreation room, a large private office, (or for businesses) a public salon.


So Size is Bad?

Not at all. Size has advantages. First, it means the chair can hold more weight. So obese people can use those chairs, without risk of damage!


Then there are electronics.

Massage seats aren’t heavy from “leather and foam padding.” They’re heavy due to the electronics installed…And with high end chairs, plenty of those electronics exist. They give you the endless features that only exist in luxury!


Speaking of Luxury…

It’s time we look at each chair in-depth. We’ll describe their unique features, and why you should buy one!

 Inada Dreamwave massage chair review

INADA Dream Wave Analysis.

This chair’s most striking feature is its color. It has a deep dark brown look. And right away, you can call this an advantage…Why? Because this color is excellent for furniture. You can fit this chair well with multiple interior décor designs. This chair works with neutrally colored walls and tiles. They also work well with antique furniture. Its color is more reminiscent of an office environment. As a result, you can use this chair in those environments!


Color Retention.

Darker furniture is known to show less stains. In a sense, this chair won’t easily show signs of overuse…It certainly won’t display spills and stains well. Not to mention, you can clean it off, since it’s made from leather!


Fabric & Upholstery.

It’s made from leather, which is a pro. But, it is synthetic leather… And this might be the first disadvantage on our list. After all, if you’re paying $9000, you’d expect real leather – right? Beyond the leather, there are certain complaints with upholstery. That is, it doesn’t look too elegant. We’ll leave the elegance factor for your tastes. The way we see it, this chair focuses more on a modern look than an elegant one. If you want elegance – try the Pharaoh chair (we’ll get to it soon).



Massage chairs aren’t for show (to an extent). If you’re buying one, you do so for functionality. And the INADA Dream Wave delivers that… For starters, it gives you 1000 manual massage options. And you don’t get much customization beyond that! However, if you want something that’s “click and use,” this chair supplies that too. It gives you 16 pre-programs for massaging.


Massage Technology.

The rollers of this chair use what INADA calls “Dream Wave Technology.” Here, the rollers move in a figure 8 motion. And this allows for a wide range of angles that push onto your back muscles!


Suitable for All Age Groups.

Got children or seniors using this chair? If so, you can set a program specifically for them. This chair provides youth sessions for gentle massages that correct and improve spinal health!


Storage Pockets & Cup Holders.

A key trait of this model. Oddly enough, both are lacking in the Pharaoh model. But they’re present in INADA. And this gives this chair a vital advantage…That is, it’s more “casual friendly.”

With cup holders and pockets, you can drink and read. You can store newspapers/magazines for a quick sift. You can add in your phone, tablet, or even work files! This makes the chair more convenient to use. You can actually multi-task with the INADA chair, making it suitable for “relaxing work”!


Remote Control.

Oddly enough, the Pharaoh model nowhere describes remote use. However, the INADA chair provides that. It allows for easy control of the chair. It lets you swap modes, change heating, and customize your massages!


Bodyfriend Pharaoh Analysis.

Let’s start with color and fabric. This chair comes with “gold/beige” leather. It’s a contrast to the INADA chair. But it gives it a different aesthetic…This chair looks more feminine. It’s more classical in style. It also looks like a “first class” airplane seat. So it does play the luxury role quite well. And this makes this chair more suitable for commercial use. After all, its looks do the marketing!

 Bodyfriend Pharaoh massage chair review


The Pharaoh comes with an SL frame. This is the “top line” standard for massage chair technology… And this piece of information is vital. Because it’s actually lacking in the INADA model. The INADA model’s rollers aren’t properly advertised. But this one’s rollers are. So you know what to expect on a “holistic” level. And the functionality doesn’t stop with the “SL frame.” Like the INADA model, this chair has automatic massage programs. But it comes with 3 less, with only 13 programs. Nevertheless, it makes up for its lack of options through comfort.



This chair is extremely well-padded from top to bottom. Its legs are adjustable, and are also thick. This makes it a comfortable chair for use by taller people! The padding also applies to the shoulders and head (both being adjustable). If anything, this chair cares much for posture. And it tries to maximize your position control at any given time!


ZERO Wall.

Most massage chairs come with a ZERO Gravity feature. The Pharaoh has that. But it takes it a step further with “ZERO wall traits.” Through it, you save space. You can slide the chair forwards and backwards, even in ZERO gravity positions. This lets you use it in small recreation rooms and salons!


That’s it for the Analysis.

Time for a verdict on each chair. Both are good. But they obviously suit different markets. The INADA chair works best for private consumers. It’s designed to mesh well with many interior decorative designs. And it comes with tools that maximize casual and individual use. However it’s slightly more expensive. But that’s something to expect, if you’re paying to be the only user. As for the Pharaoh chair, we see it works best in commercial environments. That doesn’t mean it’s bad for private use. You can buy it for that. But its design stresses a luxury look and function over casual use. If you’re a business owner (running a salon, spa, massage parlor), this is the chair to get.


Final Note.

Both chairs are serious investments. They’re expensive, where picking the right chair matters. Be sure to explore both in detail. Then, buy the chair that suits you best!

Massage Chairs vs. Therapists: Who Should You Choose?
(0) Massage Chairs vs. Therapists: Who Should You Choose?

That’s tough question. You can make a good case for either side. Sometimes, therapists are best. Other times, it’s a massage chair. So who should you choose? This is something we’ll help you with. Below, we’ll analyze both options. We’ll give you their pros and cons. And we’ll give you situations where they work best. Then, we’ll summarize which options suits who!

First – A Massage Therapist’s Advantages.

Traditionally, that’s what people think of when mentioning “massages.” They don’t consider chairs. In fact, that might be the last thought to cross their minds! And this is for a reason. Therapists are a more popular option… Therapists are more affordable than a chair. More people use them. And you can work alone too!


You can enjoy massage therapy sporadically.You can do it once a week, a month, or every holiday. So you have control over the “upfront costs” of massaging.You don’t spend more than 2 digits a session. In fact, you can get cheap offers if you’re a therapist’s regular!

Multiple Methods.

Massage therapy isn’t an exclusively Western activity. It’s a “medical art” if you want to call it that. It’s been used in Asia, Europe, and all civilizations throughout history. So you can try out many techniques. So with a therapist, you’re getting a buffet of relaxation! One day you can try a Swedish massage. And on another, you can try a Thai or Chinese version! And many of them are effective, where the use unique techniques. For example, a massage therapist can incorporate aromatherapy into your treatment. Or, they can use acupuncture (which is the Chinese version). Even better, your therapist can customize your sessions per your medical specifications!

Medical Massaging.

Maybe your muscular tension is exclusively focused in your back. Or, maybe it’s focused in your neck, arms, thighs, or other body parts. A therapist can effectively reach those locations. From there, they’ll design therapy to target those areas.

Another Alternative – DIY.

You can be your own therapist. You don’t need a therapist’s help. You can do the job at lower costs, if none! All you need is a little lotion, and a way to reach difficult spots. And if you can’t do it alone, just get the help of someone else! This could be a friend, a spouse, or a family member!


Massage therapy clinics are everywhere. You’re not restricted only to your home town, or spas near your residence… You can get a massage anywhere. As we mentioned before, it’s a common practice. And there are certified massage therapists everywhere! So you can get it at home. You can get it on holidays. And you can get it even when you relocate! 

Sounds Interesting.

Of course. But do note that getting a therapist (or being your own) has its drawbacks.

Second - Therapist Disadvantages. Over the long-term, it’s expensive. At least, it’s more expensive than getting a massage chair. You attend multiple sessions. And the more you attend, the more the costs wrack up… And this makes habitual visits expensive. In fact, if you want massaging to be a habit, a chair is your best bet.

Less Privacy.

For an effective massage, DIY isn’t your best option. Don’t get us wrong. You can use self-massage techniques effectively. But they don’t apply to your back and neck… And that’s where you need massaging most. So you need someone to massage you. And this isn’t a convenient option, if you’re someone relaxes in privacy.

Time Consuming.

Massage therapy takes a half hour for a proper session. This excludes the time needed to commute, get ready, and then finish and get back home. Over all, a single session lasts 1-2 hours, if not more. And you can’t do much while getting your massage… It’s hard watching TV or checking your phone. You can’t do anything on computer. And even reading can get difficult. That is, unless you’re getting massaged in a chair. In which case, you have many options at your disposal…

Speaking of Chairs…

We believe it’s time to discuss those. They offer a unique set of advantages that are better than a therapist visit!

Third – Massage Chair Benefits.

The first is independence. The chair is yours. You use it as you wish, and without the help of others. You can get a massage and relax without the interference of a therapist. And it suits people with an introverted disposition.

Upright Posture.

Massage chairs give you the rubs you need in a seated position. While you can swap to supine, this isn’t a “must.” It’s an option you can experience while trying to get a nap! But being upright is helpful. It frees you up for many activities next to your massage. You can read, finish work, talk to people, watch TV/videos, etc. Also, you can enjoy a nice drink while getting your massage. And that’s not something you get lying flat on your stomach!

It’s a Home Item.

And this means no need to venture outdoors. Want to get a massage? Just head over to your chair. You can start in a matter of seconds. And you can finish when you want too! With a massage chair, you can take breaks in between home work. Or, you can use it to relax after a long workday! No need to dress up. No need to be in public. And no need to leave the comfort of your home!

Extreme Comfort.

What point is a massage if you don’t feel comfortable? Massage chairs understand that principle. All massage chairs are well padded and cushioned to support you. A good massage chair supports your head, neck, legs, lower back, and gives you excellent arm rests! This comfort has added benefits. That is, you can use your massage chair as a napping bed. It’s quite comfortable. In midst of work hours, you can just fall asleep for a while. And the cushioning makes that a reality!

Many Options.

Just like massage therapy, chairs give different types of massages. And what you get differs from one model to another. With one chair, you get more rollers (for a more wholesome massage). Others let the rollers operate at different dimensions. This gives them more angles that target specific muscles! Also, there are pre-programmable modes for massage chairs. You can use those if you want something instant!

Fourth – Massage Chair Drawbacks.

Alright, so that’s it for the pros. Drawbacks aren’t many with massage chairs. There are only three to consider. And those drawbacks are easy to resolve. 


Massage chairs cost anywhere from $500 to $9000. Many of them lie in the $1000 to $3000 range. And that’s a hefty price to pay for a piece of furniture… However, a massage chair is something you only buy once. And maybe it gets replaced every 10 years. It’s a long-term investment. And you don’t need to be rich to own one. You just need to take proper care of one.

No Trial & Error.

A chair isn’t like a therapist. If you don’t like a chair, you can’t change it. You can’t head to a different massage therapist or spa… You’re often stuck with the chair. After all, they’re quite expensive (as we mentioned earlier). So you can’t sell one away without losing much of its value… And this means you need care picking one. You need to shop for a while and do deep research before committing.


Massage chairs are heavy. They weigh anywhere from 100 to 300 lbs. They’re difficult to move around. And most definitely, they’re not items you can assemble or disassemble yourself. You always need a specialist’s help (a company representative). And this costs money, especially if you change residence, and you take your chair with you.

Conclusion – What Should You Go For?

This is up to you.If you’re more socially withdrawn, with a stable lifestyle, and a need for solitude – get a massage chair. If you’re the opposite, with a less than stable residence, and need for a social environment, sign up for a therapist. However, there’s no harm in trying both. You can own a massage chair and opt for a therapist, if you have the money. Or, you can regularly visit a spa to try different massage chairs, before buying your own. Whatever option you choose, before sure to explore before committing to a choice!


The Guide to Massage Chair Rollers (2D – 3D – 4D)
(0) The Guide to Massage Chair Rollers (2D – 3D – 4D)

Massage chairs are a complex mechanism. They offer so much to the user. They come with endless specs and options. And this makes buying one hard. Because you have to study their designs before buying. However, we’ll make this process easier for you. Today, we’ll discuss an element of massage chairs, this being the rollers. And we won’t just discuss basics. Instead, we’ll go deeper, looking at their dimensions, and how they differ!

Dimensions? You Mean Sizes?


In the massage chair world, rollers are given 1 of 3 classifications. Those are 2D, 3D, and 4D. (more details hereThey describe the motion of the rollers themselves.

It describes their direction, and how that affects your experience.

 2D, 3D and 4D roller in massage chair


Is That Important?

Of course it is! After all, you’re not buying the chair for a mere vibration. You want a good massage out of it. So you need models that offer something close to a human massage. And that’s what roller dimensions are all about. They tell you how good a chair is at mimicking a masseuse!But let’s get to the specifics. Below, we’ll describe what each dimension represents, and who it suits!

2D Rollers.

At a basic level, massage rollers move up/down and sideways. All models do that, regardless of brand, price, or other special gimmicks. For a good idea, imagine an XY axis. And imagine a roller moving across those dimensions. This basic motion is what’s called 2D. And it’s what to expect, if a brochure doesn’t describe a chair’s rollers well.

Wait - Can 2D Rollers Move Diagonally?

Most of them don’t. In general, you shouldn’t care about diagonal movement. Instead, what you want is an intense rub on your back muscles. That’s what massages are all about anyway. They focus on stretching tightened muscles and knots.

Should I Buy One?

To be fair, it depends on your budget. It’s the bare minimum of massage technology. So expect those chairs to be very cheap. They’re more affordable for average consumers. So consider them as enjoyable furniture for middle class homes! However, we do not recommend those chairs for businesses. They offer less of an experience than you’d expect. And they lack some important components that only 3D and 4D models have 

But – It Doesn’t Mean They’re Horrible.

You see, dimensionality is a matter of experience. But it doesn’t define the chair’s material quality. You can find some excellent long-lasting 2D chairs. And considering the price tag, they make excellent bargains too!

Product Example – Osaki OS-1000 Deluxe Massage Chair.

By market standards, this chair is quite cheap. It only costs $1300. It’s an example of a basic massage chair. It has enough options for a relaxing experience. It comes with remote controls, an adjustable headrest, and a multitude of massage programs. The chair is also lightweight. It weighs just under 200 lbs., making it quite small by market standards (where some chairs can be double that weight)! So this chair works best for private recreational rooms. And it works well for private offices! And being a simple 2D, it lets you multi-task too. You can use the chair while you work, read, or using your smartphone!

3D Rollers.

This is a step higher than 2D. With a 3D roller, the rollers push in and out. So they can push into your back a bit. And this is a vital component in therapeutic massages!

Why This Matters.

The most comfortable massage motions include pushing. It’s how tight muscles in your back are straightened out. It’s how they regain their flexibility … And combined with basic up-down motions, the pushing occurs everywhere. You see, the pushing motions aren’t just restricted to your mid back or certain sides. You can change the roller direction, and have them apply everywhere! And in some models, you can lock the roller positions, and get a pushing massage in a singular spot!

The Chair You Need.

So earlier, we mentioned that 2D chairs are OK. However, you miss out on a lot without 3D. Because it’s at the core of relaxing your muscles. So if you’re considering a serious massage chair (for back health), look at 3D technology. 

Also – Needed by Businesses.

We mentioned that 2D chairs aren’t best for businesses. Your spa/salon/recreational room can do with 3D. After all, note that most inexperienced users think of massaging as pushing motions. And 3D does that best. They ensure no client disappointment. And they ensure that they come back for more! 

Product Example – Kahuna Rhythmic Exclusive Chair.

The chair speaks for itself. It’s rated at 86%, with 10 reviews on Amazon. And that’s a lot in the massage chair market. You see, Kahuna is a well-known brand. And it offers some of the best massage chair specifications. Just note that the product is priced at $5000. So it’s over x3 as expensive as the 2D model we mentioned. However, it does come with additional functionalities. And they make it worth the price. For example, there’s seat heating. There’s also the ability to use ZERO gravity mode for an effective massage. Then there’s the track type of the chair, which is SL. This means it massages both your back, and your upper legs too! And add to that the insane amount of controls you get. You can control inflation of air bags, speeds for foot and head massage, and up to 5 back massage levels!

Seems too Pricey for My Budget.

No worries. We have a pleasant surprise for you… You can try the Fully Assembled Shiatsu Massage ChairIt’s only $400. And it’s a 3D chair. That’s 90% lower than the Kahuna chair. And it’s the best massage chair you can ever buy for the money! You’ll get the full benefits of a push 3D massage. And you’ll get it in a lightweight cheap chair too!

Are 3D Models That Good?

Yes they are. And that’s why they’re multiple times more expensive than a 2D chair. They offer a more holistic and therapeutic massage experience. However, the experience doesn’t stop there. You can expand to the 4th dimension. And there’s where it all gets interesting…

4D Rollers.

At 2D, rollers move up and down. At 3D, rollers push in and out. But at 4D, you can control each individual roller’s motion. You can make it so that some rollers turn angles. And this lets you massage sideways, with different pressures per roll. You can have 1 roller move strongly. And you can destabilize it in a second. This feature customizes your massage chair to the maximum. You can make the chair work specifically for your back. It’s almost human. However, that level of control comes with even higher costs. So to give you an idea…

Product Example – OSAKI JP Premium Chair.

A new chair costs about $7000. That’s $2000 more than the 3D chair. And as we already mentioned, the Kahuna chair is a “top of the line” model. But it’s worth the price. What’s great about this chair is that it also works your neck and shoulders. It does stretches, simple tapping, and loop kneads. So you get a variety of motions per roller! And each roller can be adjusted with up to 12 intensitiesTo give you some perspective, many massage chairs stop at 5-6. So you get different grades of intensities per roller. And you can slowly adjust through trial and error, for a setting that suits you best. 

But That’s too Expensive.

True, but you get way more options. However, if you want something cheaper, try the OSAKI OS-4D Pro. It’s at $5000 (so $2000 cheaper), but with less options than the Premium chair. The lack of options is immediately noticeable in the chair size. It is 75 lbs. lighter than the Premium. And this means less cushioning, lower powered air/heat options, and less height adjustment.

Interesting – So What Should I Buy?

First, set a budget limit. And if that isn’t a concern anymore, then move onto research. The previous products we listed are some of the best on the market. And they suit different types of customers. Some are seriously cheap, but lack in options. Other combine price and options (for businesses). And a third type is suitable for luxury consumers. The point is, define the experience you want from the chair. Define which massaging dimensions you should accept. Then get the chair that suits you best!

The Guide to Buying a Massage Chair (10 Things to Know)
(0) The Guide to Buying a Massage Chair (10 Things to Know)

Buying a massage chair is a tricky thing. First, few people privately own them. And most owners are businesses selling a recreational service. Also, they’re quite expensive. A massage chair can cost you anywhere from $700 to $3000… And some models even go up to $9000! So you have to pick your chair wisely. And this is something we’ll help you with. Below is a 10-Step guide to buying a massage chair. We’ll discuss specs, features, and what to seek!

A massage chair is an excellent addition to the home. It offers the entertainment and benefits of standard massage but without the challenges of putting together a spa session around your everyday life. Additionally it is the more affordable alternative, and a very good massage chair provides numerous distinct massage styles as well as an entire body massage experience. If you choose a massage chair cautiously, and make sure you get the very best one possible, it will last you for countless years to come and continue to offer you the benefits associated with regular massage all through this period.


Here you have it: your manual to choosing that excellent massage chair you always wish you had. That chair that is perfect for relaxing after a tough day or eradicating tension after exhausting workouts. But before you decide to dig in, there are some fundamental information – and misinformation that you will need to understand.


There is absolutely no question; a massage chair can be the most essential and costly consumer products in your residence. The appropriate chair will help you to alleviate stress and back problems, while poor quality chairs will have you gritting your teeth with additional headaches after each breakdown.


Pick A Design You Like

In addition to providing you regular home massage sessions, a massage chair is mainly a chair. It will most likely be positioned in the living room or other living area in your house and so it needs to look nice while also appearing to be a reliable form of regular massage. Pick the colour that fits most closely with your decoration but always be cautious to ensure you choose a massage chair manufactured from a durable material as well as one which is good looking.


Ensure It Will Last

The material utilized in the design of the chair is an essential factor in lots of ways. Not only will it ascertain how excellent the chair will appear once in place, but it has to be solid and resilient to the pressures that will be placed on it. The massage mechanisms can easily wear through some materials and will also function with genuine leather. Because of this, it will always be good to choose a strengthened synthetic material designed solely for the task.


Choose One That Provides The Best Variety Of Massage Styles And Options

Massage chairs come in numerous designs and with various configurations and massage styles. While certain massage chairs merely provide a limited selection of massage, some others provide a whole range as well as a mixture of numerous styles. Various massage styles work in different ways and prove reliable specific issues or symptoms. As such, a massage chair that offers a varied selection of styles will usually provide better value and more use.


Make sure It's Very Easy To Use

Because there are many choices and potential configurations in the advanced massage chairs, it is important that it provides an intuitive and easy to learn procedure for control. Massage chairs that are hard to master will prove virtually worthless and you will want control over the different areas of the massage, for example the ability to make use of various massage styles in different parts of the body. But it is also good to have automated configurations and quick choices to make the procedure as easy and as personalized as you desire it to be.


Does It Provide An Entire Body Massage?

The design of the massage chair will also ascertain how many parts of the body will benefit from the massage. Some may only massage the back while some may provide a slightly larger massage area and include the shoulders also. The perfect and most appropriate massage chairs will massage the whole back and shoulder part along with the legs, the calves, the feet, and even the hands. For a whole body massage experience you should make sure the chair reclines and that it has additional massage balls and leg rests.


6 Extra added tips for choosing the best massage chair!

At present we have discussed about your Massage Chair benefits and discovered more about the massage features , it’s time for you to follow these six extra added tips to truly find you the best gear for you.


Know Thyself –Understand the design of massage you require: Have you got a neck issue, back problem, or lower back problem? Do you really need more focused massage or perhaps a mixture of kneading, rolling, or tapping?


Durability or short-term solution:If you require an immediate shiatsu massage, there are inexpensive rollers for the back. If your priorities require durability and long term use, you will want a chair that can last a minimum of 5-10 years.


Visit an online store or a showroom in the mall: One of the most popular chairs are shown in malls and if you have an opportunity, you should try them. Remain calm in the purchasing process. Generally speaking malls will cost more than online shops. Tax and shipping are included as is the Mall’s store operating expenses that have to be made up in your final price.


Research: Get in touch with producers for extra information on sizes, specifications, and some other information. Analyze them carefully, look at tapes, talk to friends, and other professionals. Be cautious about impulse purchases and non-durable electrical component units.


Think about return policy: You might think you will not bring back your massage chair. But we certainly have discovered that 50% of marriages in the US end in divorce. Therefore falling in love is fantastic; but ensure you have the option to return or exchange, or you might end up getting a case of buyer’s regret. 



 diagram shows features of massage chair

#1 – Basics.

massage chair is basically a luxury sofawith special services.

Those services vary from one model to another. They include high-tech features, or simple comfort ones (like massage pre-programs, seat heating, etc.) We’ll discuss each below. So to start off…

#2 – Track Types.

Tracks define the rollers in your massage chair.

So what’s a roller? This is “the spine” of the chair, where your back lays.

There are 3 types of tracks. Those being…

  1.          S – Track.
  2.          L – Track.
  3.          SL – Track.

S – Track.

This is what most people look for if they emphasize the massage feature. An S – Track roller molds itself to your back. It conforms to your spinal posture, while slowly improving it as you use the chair… So it’s extremely comfortable.

L – Track.

Those rollers don’t conform to your back. They’re straight, just like the shape of a mattress. However, the roller does extend farther down an S – Track. An L – Track covers your back, buttocks, and thighs. So the massaging effect works for your entire body, and not just the back!

SL – Track.

This is a hybrid of the previous two. And it combines their best features…Thus, you’ll find that this type of chair is the most expensive. And it’s commonly used by businesses, and less by private consumers. That is, unless you’re rich…

#3 – Roller Numbers.

Your back is massaged using rollers. The previous point discussed their layout. But here, we’ll look at their numbers…


Depending on the model, you can get anywhere from 2 to 6.

2 is the most basic. Those are the cheaper (more affordable chairs)…

4 is the common value found in chairs $1500 - $3000 in price. Anything higher than that, and you’re dealing with 6 rollers…


The more rollers you have, the better the massage experience. Because now, you have more rollers working on your back. You have a meticulous massage for each sq. centimeter.

So it’s a matter of quality. However, roller number isn’t the only thing governing quality. After all, intensity matters too!

 #4 – Intensity Levels.

Almost all “effective” chairs have 5 intensity levels – at minimum. A chair that’s lower than that isn’t worth it. Because now, you’re looking at extreme massage options… You want more control over the range. So pick chairs with 5+ roller options.

Model Variance.

In this aspect, there isn’t much difference between normal and “expensive” modelsThey’ll usually supply you 5-6 intensity options. And you select the ones that suit your tastes…However, there is a difference in a whole other field of settings. This being…

#5 – Special Programs.

Some massage chairs come “pre-programmed” to deliver a specific type of massage… Those again, are a trait of the more expensive ones. And the pre-programs installed differ from model to model.


Take a look at the Osaki OS Alpina Massage Chair.

This chair offers many pre-programs for different purposes. Including…

·         Senior mode (massage for old people).

·         Pain relief.

·         Yoga stretching.

There are many-many more.

However, note that you get those options in a “zero gravity” setting. And speaking of those…


#6 – The ZERO Gravity Option.

Basically, this is where the massage chair reclines back – putting your body in a horizontal position. So it turns into a bed of sorts. Only difference is, it’s a position designed to minimize stress on your spine and joints.

But Why is it Named That?

Because that’s position astronauts take when launching off on space missions. And they take that position to deal with gravity increases as they accelerate… which puts much stress on their bodies.

But is This Position Healthy?

Of course it is! It’s common in many quality massage chairs. In fact, it’s a staple feature to seek in any massage chair you buy. You see, a “zero gravity” position doesn’t just relieve your back. But also, it improves your body’s fluid circulation. It improves blood flow to your brain and upper body. And it also improves your lymphatic system’s pressure. Also, it makes massage rollers more effective. Because now, gravity is at work pressing your spine onto the rollers… So you get a strong massage as you lay horizontally!

#7 – Head & Foot Options.

Massage chairs weren’t just made for your back. They were also made to relax your neck, feet, and head. So you have to look at options for those, such as…


Yes, some models specify roller numbers for foot rests. Again, the more the better. And your feet needs those rollers, since their muscles are smaller, and need more stretching. As for the head, don’t expect roller number stats. Instead, look at cushioning, and headrest adjust options.


Not all head and feet were created equal. Some people have longer legs (and/or bigger heads) than others. And for those, you need a way of extending space. So make sure you can find feet rest that are extendable. They should suit people all the way to 6ft. 5’ (at minimum).

#8 – Heating/Air Options.

You know how modern car seats come with heating options – right? A massage chair should come with similar options too. After all, it’s much more expensive than a car seat! And this heating is especially necessary for users in cold areas. Because what use is it trying to relax in a massage chair, if you’re too cold to enjoy it?

Air Options.

This also matters with a massage chair. It provides more breathability to the user’s skin. It ensures that the time spent on it won’t lead to a sweat pool. Also, good air circulation ensures that the chair doesn’t stink later. And it makes it easier to clean!

Applies to All Body Portions.

The last point discussed heads and feet. And we believe air circulation/heating matters there too… After all, warm feet and head lead to less heat loss. And circulation in this area ensures that there are no sweat problems too.

#9 – Extra Control Options.

The more, the better. You never know how controls can shape your experience. Especially with a massage chair, which is all about a custom luxury feel. 


How about remote control? It lets you easily adjust many of the previously mentioned options. You can adjust massage intensity, heating, positioning, and much more! It’s a vital part of the experience. And you need a remote that’s replaceable, and maximizes what you can adjust.

Key Tip.

Some of the high-end models provide LCD remotes. And this is useful, considering the sheer amount of factors to adjust, which is best manipulated through a touch screen. Be sure to look for those models. Because they make user experience much smoother.

More Control Options.

How about time control? Maybe you want your chair to stop after a certain amount of minutes… This is useful for people using the chair to sleep. You can let your chair rock you for a while. Afterwards, it’ll switch off, putting you to sleep!

#10 – Guarantees.

This is the final step on a buyer’s list. Here’s the thing. If you’re paying thousands of dollars for a chair, then you must protect your investment. And what’s the best way to do so? It’s through a long service guarantee, attested to by buyer reviews.

How Long?

At minimum, the guarantee should last 2 years. And this includes parts and labor. It means that the company should send you personnel to service your chair.

Quality Approval.

Check if the company you’re buying from has a reputation for quality. Ensure that they ace regulations where you live. This includes product safety against accidents, electrocution, spillage, flammability, etc.

Final Tip – Check Reviews.

It’s the best way to evaluate an expensive product. Look for reviews that breakdown user experience. They’re the most genuine, and ones that describe the product to the detail. Also, look for negative stories. This’ll pinpoint problems using the product. Compare multiple massage chairs, and buy the models that best suit your purpose!

S & L Track Massage Chairs: Which One Should You Buy?
(0) S & L Track Massage Chairs: Which One Should You Buy?

It’s every buyer’s dilemma. Some buyers don’t understand the track type for them. And that makes buying confusing… After all, a massage chair is an expensive investment. And it’s not one you make often… Basically, you buy a massage chair once a decade – if it all. So when picking one, you need the right specs. And part of that is knowing the difference between S and L Track Chairs.

What Are Those?

Tracks (plus rollers) are the mechanisms that give you a massage. They activate when you power up the chair. And they vibrate at different intensities, giving you that pressuring effect. However, tracks differ in shape and length. And this is why you get the “L” and ‘S” classifications. We’ll look at the basics of each. Then we’ll look at reasons to buy (or not buy) each model! 

S – Tracks.

The most basic type of massage chair. This track extend all the way from the neck, to the bottom of the back. And it conforms to the shape of your spine… It’s the reason why it’s called an “S” track.

L – Track.

Those tracks are a bit longer. Instead of stopping at your back, they also extend to your buttocks and hamstrings. As a result, the track looks like an “L” when you sit down to use it. And that’s where it gets its name from. Now, do note that L-tracks are a recent invention. In a sense, they’re considered an evolution in length over “S” tracks. However, it doesn’t mean that they’re better. That’s something that comes down to your tastes!


s-track vs l-track rollers in massage chair

So How Do I Pick One?

That’s what we’ll help you figure out. And we’ll do this in two ways. First, we’ll give you a realistic picture on what using each track is like, and who it suits. Then, we’ll compare a few chairs of each type! So to start…

Why Use an L-Track?

Because it gives you more options than an S-Track? That is true. The range of the massage is longer. And it includes both your upper legs and back… However, do note that is might not suit some. After all, massage rollers vibrate intensely for a good effect… And having a vibrating motion under your legs might not be a great experience. 

Restricts Your Activity.

With al L-Track, practically your whole body is vibrating. So what can you do in that position? You can’t read, drink something hot, or even use your smartphone properly. And yes, you should be able to do all the previous. Because why not? Sitting in silence is unnerving to many. It’s best to have something to soak your senses with – whether it be people or information. 

Also – Add Roller Dimensionality to the Mix.

In the massage chair world, roller dimensions matter. Dimensions define how roller moves. There are up/down, sideways, front/back, and high speed motions. Thus, you get classifications like 2D, 3D, or 4D. (source) But not to go off topic, you can’t use higher dimensions comfortably with an L-Track. After all, that’s pressure all over your body. And it makes multi-tasking during a massage difficult.


An L- Track  is best for people who want a holistic massage experience. It’s for intense therapeutic benefits. And that’s because it encompasses your whole back body.

Product Review – Best Massage L-Track.

Currently, it’s priced at about $3500. It’s not that expensive by market standards. After all, there are chairs that cost x3 as much! But this chair is quite basic in looks and color. And if you check the diagram, you’ll see that the track is extremely long… It goes all the way to your mid-thighs! Add to that calve and feet massage, and you have a full experience! Also, we should mention that this chair comes with voice call and Bluetooth features. And it makes it suitable for private offices. So at least, you can multi-task with this chair. If you want, you can substitute your regular desk chair for this! 

Next Type: S-Track.

They’re much simpler to use. Your legs don’t get affected by the rollers. So you can sit tight, and enjoy the cushioning of the chair… The obvious drawback of this chair is it lacks options. You’re paying thousands of dollars, knowing full well that you can get more… So there’s a regret factor. But beyond that, an S-Track is easier to maintain. There are less rollers on average per chair. And the track is short (and not as modifiable as an L-Track). So there’s a reduced likelihood of rollers malfunctioning. And over the long-run, there’s less to maintain.

More Importantly.

It’s basic. Most people get massage chairs for their backs, not their buttocks. At a private consumer level, this is what you want. This is what you put in a living room, or your own recreational/gaming room.

Product Review – Ideal Massage Chair.

This chair is much cheaper than the previous. It only costs $1280. That’s about a 66% discount. However, that’s what to expect from a roller that’s slightly shorter in length. After all, you’re not getting a full experience. Regardless, this chair’s cheapness is best for average Joes. Because now, you don’t need to spend $3000 - $9000 on a new chair! Heck, that’s almost a used car’s price tag! So it’s perfect for private consumers, but not so much for businesses… 

Wait – Private Consumers?

That’s right. L and S track chairs suit different markets. That’ll be the next comparison point actually… 

Who Should Buy Each Chair?

We mentioned that S Tracks work best for private consumers. Alternatively, we believe that L Tracks are best for businesses – specifically recreational ones… This includes anything from a salon, to a spa, or even a luxury recreational club. There, you want a chair that maximizes the options at your disposal. Because you want clients to enjoy more options. It’s a better branding tactic. And it’s more profitable for your business.

I Feel I’m Still Stuck…

No worries. There’s still a saving grace in the massage chair market. Did you know that some chairs combine “S” and “L” track features? That’s right. You can get the best of both in a chair, and switch options to suit your tastes! Those are called “SL” tracks. We recommend this as an option to consumers who don’t know what to get. And some are even more affordable than the standard models. That combination of affordability and options has made them a fast-rising massage chair trend!

Product Review – Kahuna Superior Massage Chair.

This chair only costs $2600. And that’s double the price for the S-Track model mentioned (which is expected). However, it’s $1000 cheaper than the L-Track model. And, it’s highly reviewed (with 120+ on Amazon)… In fact, it’s much more reviewed than the L-Track chair we mentioned! This chair is rated at 90%, which is a testament of quality. And it gives you the ability to switch from “S” to “L” style massaging, and with ease! It also comes with 6 wheels per roller. And that’s a lot for a massage chair. It’s an excellent fusion of quality and pricing. Kahuna is a brand known to provide chairs that last long!

If You’re a Business – Buy It.

It’s the best compromise for your recreational needs. You now give clients options. And you do so with a somewhat affordable (hybrid) chair… It’s also constantly “in-stock.” This is unlike many massage chair models, which run low occasionally. And if you’re worried about the capital, then worry less. This chair comes with a 2-year labor and parts warranty. That’s more than most new cars on the market today! Throughout that time, you can get malfunctions fixed in your chair (at low cost). By then, you should’ve gotten your ROI on that chair! 

Important Note.

Do understand that there are many more options on the market. There are much cheaper models. And then there are the more expensive ones (geared to rich folk). But the previous we mentioned are some of the best. And they serve to explain each track type well. We recommend taking the time to explore many massage chairs. Because there are other specifications to look at as well! You have the seat material, heating and cooling options, massage pre-programs, and much more! Also, each spec will shape your experience differently. And who knows, some specs might drastically improve your business or recreational life!

Top 10 Health Benefits of Massage Chairs
(0) Top 10 Health Benefits of Massage Chairs

A massage chair is a superb way to relax or even encounter your first massaging. Costs are in 10-minute increments and generally cost $1 per minute. Massage chairs might appear strange and overwhelming since they are not familiar and also ergonomically created. Don't allow that prevent you from receiving a peaceful and therapeutic massage. A massage chair presents the supreme comfort for the customer along with the perfect control for the practitioner.

The massage chair was initially presented to the consumer market in the late 1980’s. Designed to emulate the actions and tactics of an actual masseuse, the aim of the massage chair was to lessen pressure, stress, and relieve back pain. Even though massage chairs were in the beginning slow to catch on, after a decade approximately desire for the technology improved.

Massage Therapy Strategies

Presently the most reliable massage techniques that massage chairs were created to try to be like is that of Shiatsu together with Swedish massage.

  •   Shiatsu tends to make use of pressing, sweeping, patting, rolling, and spinning actions. The describing feature of Shiatsu is its focus on emitting stress in certain areas of the human body. 
  •   Swedish massage is characteristic of prolonged gliding strokes and kneading actions. This kind of massage aims at developing good and strong blood flow.

Primary Pieces of Medical Massage Chairs

Almost all massage chairs were designed to feature three primary components meant to carefully fit these massage procedures

  •   Massage chair nodes and rollers - these differ in dimensions and shape, built to emulate fingers and hands. A massage chair with enormous rollers and nodes presents a more generic technique at massaging, while massage chairs with smaller sized nodes and rollers present the more descriptive, point-specific massaging. They focus on specific areas of the user's back and can shift in several ways that happen to be preprogrammed into the regulations of the massage chair. Once again, the user could adjust these nodes and rollers on the massage chair to properly suit his or her needs.
  •   Computer supported adjustability of the massage chair - It is perhaps the most important factor. Virtually all massage chairs were built to automatically adjust for the weight, height, and width of the chosen user. By calculating the force on the seatback, the height of the protrusion of the rollers and nodes modifies. Additionally by spotting certain areas on the anatomy of the back, the massage chair helps in making the required changes for the height and width of the user. Choosing a variety of inputs on the control pad can also improve this preference.

Health benefits derived from massage chairs

Every day rubs from massage chairs will help your muscular system, circulatory system, nervous system, skeletal system as well as your respiratory system. It is indeed a great investment in your overall health and it lessens your health related expenditures through the years.

Nervous System Benefits from a Massage

  • Stabilize the autonomic nervous system which control cardiovascular , digestive together with respiratory features
  • free natural painkillers in entire body
  • Help reduce muscle pain
  • Alleviate pressure in the muscles
  • Triggers receptors of your skin and main cells
  • Increasing lymphatic flow clears toxins and eradicates waste materials.

 Physical System Benefits from a Massage

  • Effectively calm your muscles to lessen cramps , spasms and general pressure
  • It Lessens soft tissue together with muscle pain
  • Improve body's overall flexibility caused by more hydration in the muscles
  • Improve nutrition to the muscle tissues
  • Breakdown knots and fibrosis
  • Enhances muscle healing due to weakness.
  • Prevents atrophy
  • Maximize blood flow to the muscles

Skeletal System Benefits from Massage

  • Enhances range of movements in your joints.
  • Lessens joint strain and enhances the ease of movements
  • Raises the sharpness of destructive chemicals in the bones

Respiratory System Benefits from Massage

  • Enhances blood circulation to and from the lung tissues
  • Normalizes inhaling and exhaling styles on the breathing tissues. ( Rib cage and respiratory muscles )

Circulatory System Benefits from a Massage

  • Enhances blood flow which stimulates tissue recovery.
  • Strengthens your immune system.
  • Decreases blood pressure levels and lessens pulse
  • Boost red blood cells in circulatory system
  • Lessens swelling by boosting tissue fluid and lymphatic blood flow

 Five Main Reasons Why you should purchase a Massage Chair


Massage doesn’t simply assist your muscles and reduce tension; it has additionally been shown to help relieve depression, persistent pain, joint issues, hypertension, panic etc. Your massage chair is a great investment in your general health. A person normally has one body, maintain it!


It doesn’t get any more suitable than owning a massage when you would like & in the convenience of your own residence! You can enjoy the convenience, comfort and health-boosting advantages any time you need them most. Regardless of whether you need a massage once per day or once per week, purchasing a massage chair signifies that comfort is on your agenda.

Cost savings

Whenever you consider the expense of visits to a massage therapist or perhaps a masseuse, you might be looking at anywhere from around $50 to $300+ per hour. To attain the same therapeutic profits as an everyday session in a chair, you might require numerous visits a month. Factoring in the increasing petrol prices and inconvenience of driving a car to and from, the return on your investment is generally within 1 year of your purchase.


Spend money on yourself. You’re worth the cost! Everybody deserves certain luxury in their life! Spoil yourself, you’ve attained it! You are going to immediately feel much better compared to how you did before.


At the spa, it is possible to only tell the masseuse your problem areas and hope they offer it the focus it requires. With a massage chair you could restrain where the massage work on your body, how rapid, how hard, precisely how warm, how soft, the options are countless. You build your unique massage.

Therefore regardless of whether you need a massage to relieve your mind or simply refresh your body, you are going to receive the perfect of both parts. Do your body a favor and purchase a massage chair today! Nobody has time to visit a masseuse daily; you need to purchase a massage chair as your own "personal masseuse" and as well have the access of a massage any time you please.

#1 – Posture Improvement.

Got a problem with your spinal alignment? Most of us do. After all, we live in a “desk job society.” And we do that work anywhere from 4 to 8 hours a day… Add to that the lack of exercising in most of our lifestyles – and you have chronic posture issues.

Problems to Fix.

Maybe your back is bent inappropriately in some places. It could be your lower back bending in. Or, it could be your upper back hunching out. A massage chair fixes all that. Those chairs let you adjust their layouts for spinal realignment and better postures. Also, add to that the massage action of the chair. They further fix your posture by loosening your back, leg, and shoulder muscles. This added flexibility ensures that your muscles don’t tighten up, pulling you back to bad posture.

#2 – Relieves Back Pain.

massage chair helps reduce back pain

We believe a massage chair is necessary for anyone with back pain. If you’re an old person, save some of your retirement money for one. We trust you’ll use this chair more often than your sofa! But if you have back pain from other problems (like an accident, pulling a muscle, etc.), then a chair can speed up your recovery.

#3 – Added Muscle Flexibility.

Without muscular flexibility. Your range of motion is restricted. So your muscles hurt more, and you can do less. And this matters to most of us – especially with a lifestyle involves intense muscular use. 


You might be a labor worker (sports coach, a professional athlete, home contractor, etc.). Those lines of work involve lots of motions. And often, there’s stretching, carrying heavy objects, and just being in uncomfortable positions. Inflexible muscles make those lines of work hellish. It’s difficult to perform well when serious motions bring you pain.

#4 - Relieves Muscle Soreness.

massage chair relieves muscles soreness

Maybe you work out intensively. There will be days when you return home with sore muscles. And sore muscles tend to be inflexible… So how do you recover faster? You do so by stretching and massaging. And a massage chair fixes helps with that. With improved recovery time you can work out more, and push your body to higher limits!

Prevents Injuries.

If you push yourself with sore muscles – your chances of injury go up. First, you don’t perform well. And second, your muscles might fail to sustain the pressure you place on them… And this may lead to sudden collapses that tear and injure your muscle. So use a massage chair. Recover faster from soreness so you can get back to performing again. 

#5 – Better Blood Circulation.

Few things in life improve blood flow. One is exercising. You do those enough, and your heart rate goes up. As a result, more blood gets delivered to your cells…And this leads to a nice energy boost. It’s one of the reasons why intense cardio leads to a “runner’s high” feeling. It’s what happens when you really get the blood flowing. 

Mimic That With Massage Chairs.

One of the problems with poor blood flow is malnourished cells. Some cells don’t get enough nutrients. So they die off faster (or worse) they can’t sustain activities that require intense energy.

Massage Chairs Improve Blood Flow.

massage chair improves blood flow

Massage chairs are unlike normal chairs. A normal chair (or sofa) actually ruins blood flow. And that’s because blood is forced away from your brain, and down to your feet (by gravity). Also, your heart has to work harder to redeliver the blood all the way up. However, you can vertically align a massage chair to solve that issue. Not to mention, the chair’s massaging motions themselves increase flow.

How So?

The motions of those chairs are inspired from Shiatsu. This is a Japanese massage style that developed overtime on the groundwork of Chinese medicine. And it’s proved to work. So don’t be surprised when you feel like your chair gets the blood flowing!

 #6 – Better Lymphatic Circulation.

The previous point discussed blood flow. Here, we’ll talk about the lymphatic system. This system is important. Because it’s a recycling mechanism for proteins, plasma, and white blood cells… Now, some people have poor lymphatic circulation. And this is common, since the system itself operates on low fluid pressure. So you need methods of increasing that circulation. And one of those is using a massage chair… 

Problems You Can Avoid.

First, you avoid a buildup of lymph in certain parts of your body. It can be anywhere, from your face, to your feet. But the point is, lymph buildups are painful. And they make you immobile…

How a Massage Chair Helps.

Lymph circulation depends a lot on muscle contraction. With a massage chair, you can gently rub lymph out of your muscles. And this improves the system’s circulation, slowly purifying blood plasma. And it purifies the lymph around cells too. It’s also a convenient option, and a substitute to constant exercising. After all, you can only work out a certain amount of hours a day! 

#7 – Reduce High Blood Pressure.

So earlier, we mentioned increasing blood flow. And this is vital for people with low blood pressure…However, you might have the opposite issue. Your blood pressure might be too high. A massage chair can resolve that issue, and here’s why…

More Relaxation.

High blood pressure can come to anxiety-ridden individuals. With a massage chair, you learn to relax. Laying down in a chair with vibrating motions can slowly push the anxiety out of your body.

Horizontal Body Posture.

You can adjust your massage chair to be like a bed. That posture puts less pressure on your heart to deliver blood. And it does so by using gravity to let blood move to other areas of your body.

#8 – Stress and Anxiety Reduction.

massage chair reduces stress and anxiety

This point ties into the one about high blood pressure. Many people suffer from stress and anxiety problems. And it’s most likely from a busy school/work lifestyle. In that case, a massage chair is a gadget that habitually calms you down.

How So?

You can use it during rest periods. You can use it to substitute watching videos, TV, of taking naps… You can use it instead hot baths. And you can use it to unwind after a long-day of work! Think of it as a recharge mechanism that relieves stress, Use it often, and give yourself a boost for an upcoming work routine!

#9 – Better Sleep.

A massage chair mimics the motions of a rocking bed. You lay down in it, and you have something that vibrates to massage you. It lets you relax, and in the process, it makes you dozy. If you suffer from sleeping problems, this chair might be your solution. In fact, it might be more comfortable than your own bed!

Issues it Solves.

Everything from sleep apnea, to excess jitteriness.  With a few minutes in this chair, you’ll watch them all evaporate away

#10 – Better Mental Health.

Earlier, we mentioned anxiety. But a massage chair can also reduce mental health issues. First, a massage chair is always a relaxing experience. Because to use it well, you have to free yourself up…It’s hard to read, do work, or check your smartphone on a chair.So you take a break from life. And if you do this often, you can recharge your mental energy to deal with life’s problems. 

Also – It’s a Time to Contemplate.

It’s just like a hot shower. It relaxes you enough, and puts you more in touch with your subconscious. And this is always psychologically therapeutic. It helps you contemplate deeper your life’s problems, and better fixes for them. 

Time to Get Your Chair.

Now, a massage chair isn’t something you buy in a day’s notice. It takes a while to shop for one. Because as we mentioned, they’re expensive… They’ll cost you as much as a monthly paycheck. However, the right massage chair will last you a long time. And it’ll become an invaluable piece of personal furniture!